Show HP MOD (Add-on)

Tired of looking for a mod that shows HP but doesn’t need script or launcher? Then your search is over. This mod does that work for you. Now, I introduce you my Show HP MOD!

What’s up piggy? I see you’re very healthy.

Hello sheep! Don’t eat all the grass please.

Hi cow! What will happen if I hit you with this?

That is how it looks like. So basically, it’s a BOSS BAR. Every time you go near a mob, its HP will show up just like in the pictures.

Here is another one. My pet, Coptaine. The beauty of that is you can see your pet’s HP. So whenever he is hurt, you can immediately heal him.


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33 Responses

3.59 / 5 (12 votes)
  1. Bob the manager says:

    IDC if this guy copied, I still like it

  2. Foginess says:

    Is it support’s in mincraft pe ver 1.14

  3. MinecraftDotMumbo says:

    Hey the person said that they thought they were the first ones they didn’t see the other one so they deserve to keep this any way doesn’t the other one have the names of the mobs as part of the health bar.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Awesome and perfect

  5. XiphoSV says:

    Just what i was looking for!

  6. Unnamed-user says:

    This is awesome!!!

  7. BoxCatMC says:

    Take this down, you literally copied dakonblackrose and you put adfly on the download so you can just get money from copying peoples hard work! You’re a horrible person.

    • Coptaine says:

      What are you saying? I didn’t copy anything. He was the first to publish it, I saw it after someone here put the youtube link, BUT that doesn’t mean I copy it. Having the same idea doesn’t automatically means copying. Lol. What kind of logic is that?

  8. XPThug says:

    Could you make it so if you name something it will show its name and not it’s species name

  9. Bing says:

    Can someone please comment the media fire link, because i cant get it 🙁

  10. Dragolosse says:

    Bug report: can’t see VILLAGERS hp and mobs from others addons.

  11. mario says:

    does this work with added mobs from addons

  12. sub2popular387 says:

    I cant kill chicken

  13. Coptaine says:

    How sad it is that there is already one who made a mod like this. I thought i am the first one. I clicked the YouTube link and it shows the video was uploaded since july! Wow. I was searching the internet and all I saw were mods that need script or launcher.

  14. CJSinner85 says:

    You beat me to it!
    I made a mod exactly the same except my health bars I’ve change position to sit on the left of the screen,
    and changed the color to red.

    Definitely a great addition which makes me question why it hasn’t been added to the vanilla game.

  15. UpbeatGhost says:

    I thought DakonBlackRose made this a couple days ago…

  16. Anonymous says:

    You stole this from dakonblackrose

  17. LOCK says:

    Does it shows hp for all mobs like zomnies,cod,cat,skeleton,villager,etc.?

  18. LOCK says:

    Does it shows hp for all mobs like zomnies,foxes,cod,cat,skeleton,villager,etc.?

  19. Anonymous says:

    the link is taking forever to load

  20. BoxCatMC says:

    you copied dakonblackrose

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