Published on September 29, 2021 (Updated on December 30, 2021)

Simplified Terraforming | Beta 0.33.7 - Nether Update

Are you tired of the dreary work with the teroforming of your landscape on the test? Are you making a map on the marketplace and you don't have java for World Edit? This addon will appeal to you! Install it on your world and make beautiful landscapes! (The menu system has been completely redesigned)

Simplified terraforming will help you in construction with one simple tool:


Turn off

When you click the left mouse button (tap on the block / entity), it turns on

Turn on

  • When the right mouse button is pressed/ pressed on the screen, it starts working
  • If you press the right mouse button / hit the block/entity, the menu opens
  • To turn off, hit the block / entity or press the left mouse button while in sneak mode (crouch / hold shift)

Brush Menu

Opens when the brush is turned on


Experimental mode

People have complained about slowing down while using the brush. I can't do anything about it directly, for some technical reasons. That's why I created the second addon mode.

  • For this mode, you need to enable "Holiday Creator Features" 

A new item appears in this mode:

Right-click/hold on the screen to open the menu

Press the left mouse button/hit the block/entity to turn off the brush

Okay, I think it's time to finish with the technical part. There were still some bugs fixed, but not the essence. As for the sub-name of the update?

Nether update

  • When you open the list of paints and replacements, you will be given a choice between overworld and nether

In the list of paints were added:


  • Netherrack
  • Soul Sand/soid
  • Magma Block
  • Glowstone
  • Basalt
  • Blackstone

In the "Mixed" list, you can now see Netherrack

Added lava creation from Netherrack

The list of blocks will be updated in the future

Select version for changelog:

  • Interface update
  • Added a certain list of blocks
  • Preparations are underway to work on an add-on for survival mode


  1. Install the add-on in your minecraft 
  2. Installing the behavior pack into your world
  3. Make sure that the resource pack is installed
  4. Launching your world

Supported Minecraft versions

Installation Guides

Will it have a biome changer tool just like the world edit in Java? I hope we have that in the next update.
At the time of the 1.18.10 version of Minecraft, the "Nether Update" version does not work as it should due to a broken dialog system. Write to me in Discord so that I can throw off the previous version for you.
What is ur discord???
Can you do me a favor?
Dm me on discord RedJay#9746.
Well that’s awkward. The earlier version of this addon was perfect. It did mostly everything that I needed it to do for world editing. That’s why I gave you five stars. However with this recent update it just doesn’t work… at all. The textures for the items are sort of there ( the turn on brush texture is completely gone). But when I long press my screen it doesn’t turn on. So uh can you fix this sir? My device is a IOS apple ipad 7th generation.

Would you also do three things for the addon?
1) add more variety blocks for the terrain generating and replacing brush
2) make 4 sided logs erasable with the trees eraser.
3) change the size of the brushes to smaller and bigger!

That’s all and hope you have a great day!

My discord user is MELKOR MORGOTH (LordSam20213055)#8968 if you want to message me.
I'm sorry, I can't find you in Discord...
Of course, I will add more functionality to the addon and fix some bugs. Now I'm busy with my other project and I can't do "Simplified Terraforming", I'm sorry.
In the newer version I can't seem to turn off the brush 😅
If there is no experimental mode, then press the left mouse button with the shift. If with the experimental mode, then press the left mouse button while holding the "Brush menu" in your hands
Ah thx, I'll try that out!
hello TwoT2T,
I'm HermitMiyu from NPT-a China translation team ,can I sole agency your resources and translate them to China Resource platform?
they are not for any business or embezzlement,and we will annotate the information about you and your resources !
You really did help me with my world creations such as a map that I'm making. Be glad that your helping lots of people!
Thanks. I am very pleased with these words🥺
I'm making a map that I might post (I will remove addon when im done making the map) I will still credit you for the usage.
One problem....

Best addon! can you add more blocks and mixes? Also when you using Tool, can you ve Faster?
The amount of mixing and blocks will be increased! As well as the shapes of brushes.
The slowdown was added to simplify the addition of an addon to servers and realms, so that there was no need to set the "Experimental mode". It also makes life easier for people working on the marketplace.
Good! Add more blocks and options pls and pls dont slow down player when using brush, its annoying.
The slowdown was added to simplify the addition of an addon to servers and realms, so that there was no need to set the "Experimental mode". It also makes life easier for people working on the marketplace. Excuse me😅
Can you make it an option?
tem alguma versao do addon que funciona pra minecraft pe 1.16.221 ???
Can you add more shapes type to the brush? Like cylinder or maybe pyramid and can you add texture option too? Overall its a good addon, and also please add more blocks
Yes, I can. Adding shapes and textures was meant initially. But I postponed it for a period of time further, because it is very labor-intensive. The slowdown: this is done for servers and realms, in which adding an addon with experimental features is very difficult. Excuse me😅
Right now, yes. If I remove the slowdown that is currently available when using, then it will become very complicated for realms
ItzMidnightgaming1_4 November 14, 2021 at 12:13 am
I wish there was an option in the "mix" section that gave you the option to mix grass, dirt, and stone types
It is very difficult to do this without scripts. I want to make several versions: stone with moss, with dirt; terracotta with something, etc.