Singleplayer Prison

Prison is a Minecraft gameplay where players mine and gain tokens. It has been very popular since it was created. However, playing Prison online in Bedrock Edition is a pain! The Prisons in recommended server lists are too expensive, Playing on other servers and realms are just lagging. Worst of all, if it crashes, all your time spent on the realm/server is wasted!

Why bother playing online when you can play it in your own world?

Singleplayer Prison is a prison map that has all prison features. Mining, selling and buying better tools! It contains 4 mines: Surface, Underground, the Nether and the End.

This mine is where you go back to basics – chopping trees. You will need to first claim a starter axe(for free!) from the shop. Then, you can start chopping all these trees down. They reset once in a while so don’t be afraid of chopping down all of them.

After you get your first pickaxe, you can start here. In this mine, you go deep down to mine cobblestones, coal, iron, gold, and diamonds. However, you will need better pickaxes to mine all of them!

This is the Nether prison, where you mine netherracks, quartz, and glowstones. Please do mind that there might be magma blocks and boiling-hot lava hidden in the mine!

Going through this portal brings you to the end. All parts of the main island have been mined, but there’s still an area for you to mine in. However, mind not to fall into the void while you are mining!
Due to where the exit was positioned naturally, you will have to go back to the overworld prison on a long bridge. To prevent falling into the void, try not to run or bhop on the bridge..

The shop has got everything for you. After you mine ores and sell them, spend your money here. All product names are gone. Please read Known Issues:8.

Known issues

  1. When you first import the world and start playing, it’s very likely that your game mode will be creative for some reason. In this case, do /gamemode 2 to go back to adventure mode,
  2. The selling command blocks might be disabled for some weird bug that Mojang doesn’t want to fix. In this case, you will have to clone them manually with a structure block, and because of another weird bug, you will have to change all chain blocks manually to conditional.
  3. Some types of logs cannot be sold. This is due to how the item numeral id thing works. There’s no fix for this issue.
  4. Nether portal misplacement. Sometimes it just decides “it’s rewind time!” and moves somewhere else. In this case, you will have to move it back manually,
  5. Seeing boxes in each mine. That’s how structure block works, deal with it or ignore it.
  6. Certain command block/redstone missing in the End. No fix for this currently.
  7. Some mines stop to reset itself, The reset timer is based on armor stands and pressure plates. For some reason the pressure plate might stop working once someone steps on it, and this is another weird bug for Mojang to fix,
  8. All floating texts are gone because the game does not export behaviour packs apparently. This will be patched in a future version.

Adfly not working?

Adfly might not load sometimes. In that case, you can join da discord server to get the download link without adfly.


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  1. Guest-8089196120 says:

    Why always all i see mining is 1.14 not 1.16 aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  2. Guest-5085166796 says:

    When I go to the link to see the debug user thing and it redirects me to “Never gonna give you up (song)”! I HATE YOUUUUUU

  3. Guest-1559888442 says:

    Ok sir.. I am also a commander and you just listed A LOT of bugs.. it doesn’t really sound like u know what your doing as there are a tonne of ways to fix all of these. And yes behavior packs are supported I don’t know what your on about

  4. Guest-7967408346 says:

    I love this

  5. Kristine says:

    How do I sell stuff?

  6. Seccad says:

    I like the map but it was very simple.It would be nice if more featured and varied

  7. William Harlley says:

    Which is? The shaders?

  8. William Harlley says:

    What shaders are you using? Tell me please.

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