SinMints Improved Zombie Apocalypse

Looking for more of a challenge and a scare!? In this addon, zombies are faster, stronger, and definitely more horrifying! Living in the sunlight, Swarms of the undead! Will you survive? 

SinMints Improved Zombie Apocalypse

This addon allows zombies to live during the day. They’re faster, stronger, there eyesight is very good allowing them to see you from a far.

I would recommend making some sort of shelter before night fall. Swarms of the undead will spawn ranging from 10-30 zombies. 

Sleeping doesn’t despawn them either, since they live during the day. 

Caves will be harder to explore, as swarms may spawn deep below in the darkness

The Zombies

As you can see all zombies have been retextured, and are living in daylight.  

Remember, even though they do only 4 damage, the undead spawn in swarms of 10-30. Zombie Villagers may vary in appearance when in different biomes. 

All Zombies – Health: 30 – Damage: 4

Notes: Drowned swim super fast in water, beware. Zombies have a higher chance of dropping Iron Ingots

Retextured Entities & Paintings 


Created by SinMints

Copying this addon and redistribution is prohibited.

If you decide to use my addon for any projects, such as videos or maps, link my addon in your description and give credit. 


Download and open the .mcaddon file, It's easy as that. Enjoy, happy gaming!


Supported Minecraft versions

1.16.200 1.16.201

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22 Responses

4.77 / 5 (13 votes)
  1. CodeLineNull says:

    Is it possible for you to add a Blood Moon Variant, where there is a percentage chance for a Blood Moon to spawn, and if it does, you can’t sleep, between 100 – 200 zombies spawn in a 100 block radius and move towards you. Obviously they can’t spawn in a lit area, so a base or compound can save you.

    Plus, either add a new zombie type, such as a tank zombie that absorbs hits but is slow, it can destroy blocks and detects players through blocks (maybe a nightmare mode for this guy). Or create silent zombies, that make no sound and actively try to move out of your line of sight to stay hidden.

    Either way, this is a great add-on and I can’t wait to try it with my friends.

  2. TheOfficial Jake says:

    This is awesome addon. If its possible can you add a infection in the addon like if a zombie attacks you to much you will become 1 of them

  3. TheOfficial Jake says:

    This is awesome addon. If its possible can you add a infection in the addon like if a zombie attacks you to much you will become 1 of them!

  4. 1tzzAkile says:

    This addon is amazing i got my friends to download and play to

  5. The Orespawner says:

    Im never using paintings again

  6. a random pigeon says:

    Amazing addon!

  7. Minecrafterz says:

    Good work!

  8. ryvon says:

    dope addon! 10/10 recommend playing!

  9. could you make them break planks and wood like they do with doors in villages

  10. SytrixCraft says:

    This Addon is so Awesome, and u just inspired me to make my own addob

  11. Hinge 45 says:

    can you make them climb please? i search anywhere but no addon that make the zombie climb walls

  12. FlamingoFan says:

    This Is Cool I Like It!!!!

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