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This is Oc based off of a character called.....chica...........from........Five_nights_at_freddys
By: FoxydapirateYT
this is OC based on Freddy from the game five_nights_at_freddys
By: FoxydapirateYT
skin is a of the nord hero in Eso trailer
This is oc braced on the iconic video_game character Freddy...from.....Five_nights_at_freddys
By: FoxydapirateYT
This is phantom Freddy from the game five_nights_at_Freddys 3
By: FoxydapirateYT
This is a gold Version of Bonnie from Five_nights_at_freddys
By: FoxydapirateYT
berserker from fate/grand order
By: jalterthighs
Fortnite Fishsticks skin
By: Cameron101xz
Play As A Halloween Version Of Freddy Fazbear
By: Springtrap and Toy Chica
Marina from Splatoon 2
By: LittleTimy