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Gen 2 pokemon from Pokémon Silver/Gold
By: Brando505
Red from Pokémon
By: AvoidedCrip390
Ice pokemon known as glaceon with green eyes and jacket
By: DukeyDog20
Cutie Steve wearing a cool Chimchar piyama. (Pokémon)
By: DyabloK 666
Lyra from Pokemon Heartgold and Soulsilver.
By: SaltedShockcorn
It's mudkip from pokemon in a hoodie.
By: JackieP00
The main character in Pokémon.
By: DatMuffinMan
The male player character in Pokémon Emerald.
By: Seth_Reed
Team Valor!
By: Drakeh
A Pokemon trainer in Pokémon Diamond/Pearl.
By: Seth_Reed