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About Sky Parkour

Welcome to Sky Parkour! In this map, there are 60 fun and challenging stages that contains different and unique themes and styles that entertains your view. So yeah have fun and good luck 😉

Recommendations and Stuff

Turn off “Render Clouds” in video settings for better experience

If you have played Sky Parkour on version 1.0.1 (where there were still 40 stages) and you want to continue playing Sky Parkour with the latest version, you can skip to the stage were you left or last played by turning in Creative mode.

Noticed a bug? Report in on Twitter : @TheBestPH2 or in my Discord Server:

So here are some in-game pics to convince you!


-Some stages


Credits to Eldeston and FlameRender Studios for the shaders used (ESTN Shaders) on some of the pictures. This shader is very cool!  Click here to learn about ESTN Shaders

I also made a trailer for you:

So I really really hope your convinced now! xD

Once Again good luck!

Changelog View more
  • Fixed bugs on some of the stages that made the map completely impossible to beat.
  • Stage 40 is adjusted. It's not very difficult to beat anymore
  • Just added my Discord Server link on the game
  • Changed description (a little)
  • Added map trailer
  • Fixed Stage 51 Furnace Fuel. There was a bug that made the parkour impossible.
  • Improved some of the stages and other stuff
  • Added 20 new challenging stages!
  • Improved some of the stages
  • The useless button has now a use! It is the button where I wrote a message about the map
  • Changed featured Image
  • Changed the description

Changed and Enlarged the Lobby (It is bigger now)

Changed featured image

Changed description (a little)


Supported Minecraft versions

1.14 1.15 (beta)

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28 Responses

4.27 / 5 (11 votes)
  1. Guest-6031058814 says:

    There are some buggs with the spawns at some lvls

  2. PC1364 says:


  3. Guest-8620274235 says:

    I Cant join my friends, we both downloaded the mod. (playing on windows 10)

  4. Guest-1308137519 says:


  5. Guest-4834494280 says:

    Why it dosent work when i download it its says import failed

  6. Guest-3607025325 says:

    At stage 51 (wich mean the kelp stage) have a impossible jump wich is 5 gap block between 2 blocks

  7. Guest-4882580479 says:

    nice(too bad people are giving you bad ratings for unrelated stuff such as ruined coffee mugs :/)

  8. Guest-4207838099 says:

    also, put a repeating always active command block
    “/execute @e[type=fishing_hook] ~ ~ ~ kill @p”
    this will kill the player faster so they dont need to endure the whole fall to death. then just give thema fishing rod. every time they “fish” it will put them back at the checkpoint.
    also since the map is big you might want to make the command block a tickingarea. to do that stand directly on top of the commandblock and do “/tickingarea add ~ ~-1 ~ ~ ~-1 ~ FishingRod”
    I hope you will consider the following revision

  9. Guest-1936333669 says:

    umm…. you have an impossible jump on stage 51… you rly didnt care for this map i see…

    • TheBest PH says:

      I’m sorry. It’s not that I don’t care on my own map besides I gave my best on making this map. Well, nobody is perfect. If you noticed a bug, please report it. I hope you understand

  10. Guest-3471994051 says:

    Why do I get an empty file when I download it?

  11. Guest-5807332533 says:

    My dead cat drop on my keyboard and my me lose 🙁

  12. Guest-8461838281 says:


  13. Guest-2408520770 says:

    The guest was me(TheBestPH). I forgot to login XD

  14. Eldeston says:

    Using my shader hmmm? Great map btw!

  15. Guest-6142275660 says:

    Since stage 40. the spawnpoints are not correct!

  16. Guest-1403853329 says:

    my dog diarrhea on my coffee mug as well :O

  17. Guest-2554892659 says:

    my dog diarrhea on my coffee mug too :/

  18. Guest-4982415991 says:

    my dog dirreah on my coffee mug :/

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