Sky Update Add-On | REIMAGINED V3 (MCPE)

Did you ever think that Minecraft Skies are a too empty? Well no more! Sky Update Add-On for MCPE adds different Species of birds into the game. Do you think something is missing? Write in the comments below!

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Sky Update Add-On fills the sky with birds of preys and some other birds. The skies look beautiful and lively with different birds. Now more lively with Natural Sound FX!

Ancient Dragon (Boss):

Ancient Dragon boss is so much powerful, it can defeat a wither. It has 400 health. It can be spawned by crafting a Ancient Dragon Fossil and Activating it.

Fossil Recipe:

Gold Ingot, Bone, Ancient Debris = Ancient Dragon Fossil [Inactive]

Activating fossils:

Blaze Powder, Ancient Dragon Fossil [Inactive] = Ancient Dragon Fossil [Activated]

By following these steps, you can summon the Ancient Dragon.

Ancient Dragons will shoot purple fire at you which can break some specific blocks. 


Eagles spawn in normal biomes, taiga and desert. Eagles hunt chicken, sheep, rabbit & turtle.

An Eagle Flying

Snow Eagle:

Snow Eagles spawn in all cold biomes. Snow Eagles hunt chicken, rabbit & turtle.
A Snow Eagle hunting.


Seagulls spawn in flocks in ocean and sea biomes. They attack all types of fish.
Seagulls hunting underwater.


Eagles will turn into Phoenix when struck by lightning.

Phoenixes will attack players. They can't spawn naturally.

Phoenixes glow in the dark and emit flame particles.


Vultures spawn in mesa biomes and sometimes deserts. They will constantly be attacked by Eagles and Snow Eagles. They will also attack players but deal less damage.

Vulture being chased by an Eagle.

The vulture model was originally made by Y-Brothers and was remade by me.


Mobs Added:

  1. Snow Eagle, Found in Snow Biomes, Snow Hills, Cold Taiga.
  2. Eagle, All Biomes except extreme cold ones.
  3. Vulture (Mesa, Desert)Aggressive But 0 Damage.
  4. Seagull, All Ocean and Sea Biomes, Spawns in flocks.
  5. Phoenix, Can only be spawned if an eagle is struck by lightning.
  6. Ancient Dragon, Can be summoned by crafting items.

If you want to review this addon on YouTube or anything Please give me Credits😁

Many of you have been clamed that these models belong to Ultimate Craft. So, here's a screenshot:

Select version for changelog:


Changes and Bugfixes:

  1. Removed Desert Eagle and Taiga Eagle (Eagles will spawn in those biomes).
  2. New model and animation for Ancient Dragon.
  3. Ancient dragons will shoot purple fireballs.
  4. Updated textures and AI for all mobs.
  5. Fixed a glitch where eagles got stuck to players.
  6. Eagles can attack multiple targets.
  7. Phoenixes glow in the dark and emit flame particles.
  8. Fixed a glitch where Eagles fought each other and fly away to infinity.
  9. Changed item and mobs texture.
  10. Fixed some info.


How to download from the link:

  1. Click the links give below.
  2. Complete Captcha.
  3. Wait for 5 seconds and press continue with free access.
  4. Discover articles for 10 seconds and continue.
  5. Download and press once to import.

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4.33 / 5 (36 votes)
the mods are cooler then ice
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The ancient dragon is invisble and I can see it :/ can you fix this?
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Does this work on 1.17. I don't think the update should have affected too much.
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Taming phoenix, pls
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Just use adfly.... Linkvertise has too many issues.
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are these models free to use, seeing theyre on ultimate craft's app? if i made an addon with one of the birds and gave credit, would that be okay?
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Ancient dragon has no texture, it's completely purple.
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Hi Could I use your models for a addon
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Good addon but the ancient dragon texture is completely messed up and has random block textures shifting at random everything else is fine please fix.
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Retextured Phantoms
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Can you change the textures of this addon because I don't like the textures and please can you change the animation of dragon change to like chinese dragon animation
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Hi Away Gamer I'm your Biggest fan In I want to suggest to Update To Tame The Dragon And Every One That Only I want Thak You See This
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You cant tame any of the bosses. Can you? So I might not add taming. But I might add a tamable miniature version of it.
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This is AMAZING! I have started making addons, but this is epic. What addon creator do you use?
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Can you replace that "eagle" sound? Because that's a red-tailed hawk, not an eagle. And they sometimes scream like that when they're doing it.
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Good addon, but can you make them can tameable in next update ?
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