Skyblock X Skywars (PVP) (Skyblock) (Multiplayer (2-8 Players)

Do you like the survival-like aspect of skyblock and enjoy the thrill of the PVP in skywars? Well then this map is PERFECT for you!! The map requires 2-8 players to play but is best experienced with 4 or more.

Each player starts on their own skyblock island and is given 10 gravel, a wooden axe, a bucket lava, a bucket of water, 2 saplings, 6 bonemeal, 5 cow spawn eggs, 5 chicken spawn eggs, and 5 spider spawn eggs. The map also includes 4 mini snow islands, a Nether island and a floating enchantment table island.


Last team standing wins!


If you choose the wrong gamemode mode you will have to re-download the map. You will also have to re-download to reset the islands after each match.

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The Changelog 

1. Updated the header image and that’s it

The Changelog 

1. Updated the header image and that’s it

Added the images from the download site the mcpedl page! :D


Supported Minecraft versions

1.12 1.13 1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16

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15 Responses

3.57 / 5 (7 votes)
  1. Guest-7205720258 says:

    It had to have a reset button where we can repair the map automatically

  2. Guest-8335626995 says:

    So I’m only giving a 3-star I would give it a 4-star if you would make it repair the map automatically

  3. OctoRuslan says:

    Cant download. Site isnt loading.

  4. Nightblade45612 says:

    Very interesting map, I’ll definitely have to try this out with 3 other friends!

  5. This breaks every time i play it with friends. i press play button, doesnt set the other players and im playing with 4 players. 1 on every team.

  6. Guest-1353187352 says:

    Why not a reset map command?

  7. Guest-2673516969 says:

    I bet you should put commands on command block to reset the world on its own

  8. Guest-8961088846 says:

    Wow cool good to play with friend

  9. Guest-9962303048 says:


  10. Guest-6515750093 says:

    Most stupidest

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