SlendyTUBBIES classic (the graphics and modes update)

Hello u remember the slenderman parody “slendytubbies“well that’s what this map is ur goal is to collect “10” tubby custards but tinky is wanting to get u…(pls put ur brightness at 0 for a better horror experience)there is a large map too explore so come on in the slendytubbies are waiting (note this is a remaster of a map from Sam donut from 4 years ago so please support them ty :D )


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made the menu of the game way better

updated the house to the map

added a new mode called the “scariest mode” that was a mode that went unused in the original map

added a button that respawns tinky if u accidentally kill him

Added a new model for tinky winky

Added a new button that is for verses mode that’s coming soon..



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Hello players I have released the first update of this horror map I am working on the next dlc which is the map from slendytubbies 2 the outskirts with laalaa and it will be available this week so for now
U got this new map I dropped cya
Isn’t this the old slendytubbies map made by ArathNidoGamer? I also noticed some of the textures too..
If so then please do give him the proper credit