Published on November 05, 2023 (Updated on December 05, 2023)

Slendytubbies survival 1.4 update

Hello everyone today I have a new addon to show you it’s called slendytubbies survival it’s a addon that is meant to be played in survival mode theres new mobs hats weapons and new gui food!I really hope u will enjoy this addon as updates come out adding more things to this addon so enjoy!

(hey mcpedl u made a mistake I actually made this so please rethink what u did :( )


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changed classic tinkys model and texture

added newborn st2

changed noonoos drops

added new PLUSHIES 

added tubby Craft tinky 

added lake dipsy

added gravity falls hat

added black hat

added lucky hat

added zombie laalaa

added laalaa st2

made new model for laalaa phase 2

added po st2
added lake dipsy st2

added fire axe 

added teletubbie speaker

added Teletubbie machine

added use for tubby custard machine

added empty bowl 

added tubby toast machine

retextued the sun to be the baby sun

fixed some bugs

changed the food icons 



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Hello everyone I just wanna say that I’m nolonger updating this version of the addon
U guys can now start looking at the remastered version which is way better
when i try and download the mod into mc it would say "not a valid zip archive"
pls fix