Published on February 19, 2023 (Updated on March 28, 2023)

SmokeyStack's Skyblock

Yes, another skyblock add-on. Best of all, you can use this pack on any world, any seed! This one takes inspiration from ilmango's skyblock series! Of course it doesn't have all the features due to Bedrock's limitation.

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  • Updated to 1.19.70
  • Optimized the world generation set up
  • Guardians turn into Elder Guardian when struck by lightning
  • Shulker will spawn after Dragon Death
  • Endermites will drop an elytra if it has slow falling and levitation
  • Added recipes for ores and dead bush
  • Giving a vex an amethyst block turns it into an allay
  • Added ability to obtain budding amethysts
  • Added chance for spore blossoms to drop when a flowering azalea is destroyed

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please man update to 1.20... not run brasiliano im fan smokeystack SkyBlock but dont play in 1.20... please man update tô 1.20
The Magician is a baby villager so i can't acces his trades... is this normal?