«Sniffer Skeleton» [UPDATE 1.1]

Sniffers are Minecraft entities that went extinct a long time ago. All that's left of them are their eggs. But if they're all extinct, where are their remains? Well, this Add-On will correct that misunderstanding

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Change Log – "Sniffer Skeleton" 1.1.0 


  • added a new item – Cape for Sniffer Skeleton;
  • added a new stage for the skeleton
        (More details in the description of the add-on)

Changes and Fixes:

  • when placing bones on the stand, the corresponding particles and sounds nearby now appear;
  • when placing a stand, the corresponding sound is now played;
  • when destroying a skeleton, the corresponding sound is now played;
  • the model of the sign on the stand has been moved two pixels lower;
  • fixed the selection box of the sign;
  • improved solid collision of the sniffer skeleton;
  • in Russian localization the names of the stand for skeleton were renamed («стенд» → «стойка»);
  • in English localization the name of the skeleton interaction button was renamed («set bone» → «place bone»);
  • minor changes in the texture of the sniffer skeleton;
  • structure void is now used in the stand structure to prevent unplanned possible destruction of blocks near the place where the stand is set;
  • the sniffer's skull is no longer in the «mob heads» group in the creative inventory


Supported Minecraft versions

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If you are able to can you make this an mcaddon file, and before someone says to use Zarchiver I did and it didn't work. You don't have to do this if you don't want to though.
If when downloading addons, the file is downloaded in zip format, and the name looks something like «sniffer-skeleton-1.1.mcaddon.zip», you can simply change the file by removing «.zip». Then it will be in the format «mcaddon» and you will be able to install it in Minecraft without problems!
We also want to change that we post files in the format «mcaddon», just MediaFire because of the unknown to him file format turns it into a zip
mentallychallenged27 June 18, 2024 at 1:28 pm
had to make another account, retried it and it worked thanks for explaining it more
Does it work for versions later than 1.20.70?
pls make more fossils of the ancient mobs
an addon with sniffer-like mobs could be great and more if it's compatible with this
Will you add more skeletons or archaeology stuff in the future?