Published on October 20, 2022 (Updated on May 01, 2024)

Splendous Sniffers

Once upon a time Mojang added a mob known as the Sniffer, it was a pretty solid mob, however it could've been better. well now it is! With this pack there's a unique variant for most biomes and a bunch of namable variants to customize your Sniffer with! This pack was originally made by creepermax123 for the Java Edition and was ported by me to the Bedrock Edition. 

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Complete Overhaul of the Pack!

  • Removed Cow nametag Sniffer variants 0_0
  • Added 48 Sniffer Variants
  • Newly Improved Pack Name and Description


Installation Guides

can you port 0Nightmare's Better Wheat (Tall Wheat) pls
could you create a map on top of ur left corner like the gta v one?
This adon is very good but why you dont ad whit diferent spone egg
And thank you for this multiple sniffer skins
Hey my friend,why you not to go add more sniffer i mean elemental sniffers,like lava,magma,and more elements,ore mutant sniffers if you vanna to add.
Have a good day,pease
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This is cool! I never tried a parkour map and this is amazing! Keep up the good work! Ps, you should make a monster run parkour map! ?
Going to troll my friend with this lmao