Published on October 24, 2023

SpookyCraft - After midnight competition

Dive into a spine-chilling adventure with our SpookyCraft Addon that's bound to give you the creeps! Whether you're exploring the forgotten ruins or braving the eerie graveyard, our custom mobs, items, and newly added pictures will ensure an unforgettable, spook-filled experience.

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Version 1.0 of SpookyCraft for Minecraft Bedrock Edition! DOWNLOAD NOW!


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the castle structure is nowhere to be found, i tried to fix it by loading to another new world but i still couldn't find it, could it be that it's rare or what?
It is very rare, for testing I searched in 15 worlds or something like that for a pretty long time to find one, but they should spawn (at least sometimes)
!!NOTE!! This Addon is pretty big and has a lot of things to load. This can end up in slightly longer loading times, especially on low end/mobile devices!