Published on October 25, 2023 (Updated on October 30, 2023)

Stardew Craft

Stardew Craft

This addon adds items from the Stardew Valley game.

Swords, Blocks, Food and others.

The addon works for all versions above 1.16.100.


This addon was made by me, I'm Brazilian... so the entire mod is in Brazilian Portuguese.

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  • The addon has been rebuilt from scratch. 
  • New item: gold coin. To get it easily, place a gold nugget in the furnace. Use it to trade with the NPCs that will appear around your world! 
  • 2 NPC's have been added. One exchanges fish and the other exchanges seeds! 
  • 10 new foods have been added. leek, chirivia, fried egg and others. 
  • 1 seed was added "Cauve Flower" but it is still in testing state! 
  • 2 new recipe items have been added. Vinegar and Wheat Flour! 
  • 1 new "ore" was added "Iridium Bar" with it you can make better swords! 



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Please make english
I liked but I think is a lite bit lazy, like, missing a lot os things otherwise, some things aren't from stardew valley. but it's a good start, good job
that cactus sword is from terraria