Published on January 16, 2024

Stonest (Compatible with 1.20.51)

Hi! Welcome to Stonest. Tired of the low amount of decorative stones in Minecraft? Well, that's what Stonest is for! Stonest adds a wide variety of designs and new stone types.

Note: You can use this Addon in videos and Addonpacks, as long as you credit us!

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- Stonest is out!
- New Blocks
- New Slabs
- New Recipes
- New Possibilities!

Supported Minecraft versions

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Can u make it a cmaddon? Like not zip pls? Because I can't put it on my mcpe and I I try to watch a tutorial on how to put zip on my mcpe, it doesn't work for some reason I can't open my mcpe files :) can u make it not zip.tysm
Eu sei que isso pode ser desconfortável mais.,. Vc pretende atualizar o addon "Honey and bees" ?
Start the home Depot music it's time to doers will do
esta bueno tu addon , puedes poner tambien pilares de todo lo tipos de piedras seria good
Por supuesto, en la proxima update van a estar 👀