Published on June 07, 2021 (Updated on May 22, 2024)

Straight Line Only Survival ( New Update )

This is the survival map. In this map, you can only walk in a straight line along the coordinates (z = 47). Your objective is to survive in this straight line until you kill the Ender Dragon. You need to find and activate the stronghold, and then kill the Ender Dragon by going to the End

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New update: Now this map is properly functioning in Minecraft versions above 1.16, with some bugs fixed (such as chests not opening and end portals not activating)


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why is there a tag for 1.6
he pobably miss typed and wrote 1.6. =. 1.16
Bro import faild bata raha ha plz help
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Hello I'm downloading the map now it looks cool like your other maps