Published on January 18, 2021 (Updated on June 01, 2022)

Survival Island with Custom Landscape

Download this amazing custom Minecraft survival island with its huge mountains, long beaches, enormous caves and deep seas. It has everything you need for your perfect survival adventure! Even a big village and a stronghold with an end portal. Explore the huge cave systems and build your houses on top of hundreds of blocks of high mountains! Go swimming in the underwater caves and hang out at the huge beaches!

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This change adds 50+ loot chests that are scattered across the map, in tree branches, ruins, on top of mountains or in deep caves. 

Loot varies from their location for example loot chests underwater can provide you with nautilus shells or even a trident! Loot chests also include items that would otherwise not be obtainable on the island.

Furthermore maps to the stronghold can now be obtained by opening loot chests.


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Uhh, Is anyone know what the coordinate to the village on this Map?
does this support addons like more ores?
Bro what? -_-
there's only 79 byte txt file XD
UPD: the file has a link. looks like a quest.
Why is it lunkverst i hate that app you cant even Get out of the download for free it's not fair to put it in linkverst
its "linkvertise" not "lunkverst"
Second! It's not an app!
And it's FREE!
only someone who have low IQ would never pass that,
Oh i forgot that some is YOU!
btw , the owner of this add-on literally put a guide on how pass linkvertise

And it's the owners choice if he wants to gain something from his add-on.
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Wow this is a great Island to play Survival! But one thing. Can you put a download for the texture pack?
Is there an end portal?
takes a while to down load otherwise I'm doing a Minecraft pvp session on here with some other addons
Is there a flat land to build
I think the flat lands in this map is completely flooded with water
Imma use this for a jurassic survival series thanks