Published on March 31, 2024 (Updated on April 22, 2024)

Survive The Disasters!: Minecraft edition

Welcome to Survive The Disasters but inside of Minecraft! This version is quite similar actually, the main goal is still the same, you must survive random disasters and not die. Each time you survive a disaster, you earn points, but if you die, you earn no points. Each round lasts 10,000 game ticks, so roughly 10 minutes. After that time, players are sent back into the map room, where they can choose from a variety of 38 maps, ranging from forests, deserts, volcanoes and even Green hill zone?! The game was made using command blocks and redstone. There are secrets and lore to be found too. Remember to rate and to leave feedback to Wafity, so he can keep improving this game! Here is his YouTube channel:

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Fixed some disaster timers not being correct, so hopefully now everything should correctly work.



  • Disaster_pack.mcaddon (282.02 KB)
  • Survive_The_Disasters.mcworld (3.57 MB)
  • Survive_The_Disasters_textures.mcpack (109.28 MB)

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Hi, your map great and i have 9 disaster suggestion for next update. Please possible do them: Keep running, Keep jumping, Poison effect, Erase 10% map, Levitation effect, Enderdragon Mob, Camerashake, Everything black concrete in Map, Acid Rain
Hmm, I already had the levitation effect, the erase the map disaster is a good idea, unfortunately, the ender dragon is not possible because it will break the redstone circuits, also I might consider acid rain. Thanks for the feedback!
Please explain what glitches? If you are on mobile, there will be lag
remove magma cubes and ghast mob disaster they are big and soo scary i cant play i get scared them
verry cool and fun map you did a great job keep up the good work 😉
Nice World, I wanna a next update
Next update will come once 1.21 releases, so hopefully in June