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Hello! Did you ever think that Minecraft doesn’t have enough technology? Well, this is the addon for you. This addon adds new technology-related blocks, items, mobs, and ores. The tec addon also adds lasers! I hope you enjoy the addon!


Turn on experimental gameplay for the addon to work!

This addon is still going to get updates so the might be bugs

I will try to fix as many bugs as possible.
You can report bugs in the MCPEDL comments.

You can also give suggestions in the MCPEDL comments.


Yes, you heard it, this addon add lasers! The lasers can turn block in front of it into another block (making the block hotter)

The Picture below is the laser activated!

There is also a not activated laser that you get when you craft it.

The not activated laser looks like this.

To activate the laser you just click the nonactivated laser with a Redstone torch.

List of Things the Laser Can Heat. (Place These blocks in front of the laser)

Cobblestone –> magma block

gold block –> lava

iron block –> lava

ice (Any kind) –> water

Logs (Oak log) –> coal

obsidian –> crying obsidian

If you try to stand on the laser you will get poison, nausea, and hunger.

Reinforced Blocks

Reinforced blocks are like normal blocks but they are way stronger.

There are about 4 kinds of reinforced blocks. First is the reinforced iron block, then we have the reinforced gold block, then we have the reinforced oak planks, and finally the reinforced block. The picture below is what they look like.

Here are the recipes to make the different reinforced blocks.

Reinforced Iron Block

[Iron Block | Iron Ingot | Iron Block]

[Iron Ingot | Iron Block | Iron Ingot]

[Iron Block | Iron Ingot | Iron Block]

Reinforced Gold Block

[Gold Block | Gold Ingot | Gold Block]

[Gold Ingot | Gold Block | Gold Ingot]

[Gold Block | Gold Ingot | IGold Block]

Reinforced Block

[Gold Block | Iron Ingot | Gold Block]

[Iron Ingot | Gold Block | Iron Ingot]

[Gold Block | Iron Ingot | IGold Block]

Reinforced Oak Planks

NO Crafting Recipe Yet

Bunker Block

This is the bunker block. It is one of the most strongest block in the addon. It can be crafted by putting one lead ingot in the middle and surrounding it by reinforced blocks.

Here is what the bunker block looks like.

Cobblestone Generator

The cobblestone generator is a block that generates cobblestone.

You just need to craft it and then put it down and it will work.

Here is what it looks like.



Copper is a new ore. It is about rare as iron. It can be mined then smelted to make copper ingots. The copper ingots can be put into a crafting table and it will turn into copper wire. You can put 9 copper ingots in a crafting table to make a copper block. Here is a picture of the copper ore, copper ingot, and copper block.


Lead is like copper but a little more rare. It can be found below y level 60. 


Uranium is another new one. It can be found below Y level 25. Right now the only use uranium has is for crafting.


Gears are one of the important things in the addon. The can be used in crafting recipes. There are different levels of gears, Netherite Gear, Diamond gear, Gold Gear, Iron Gear, Stone Gear, and Wooden Gear.

Here are the crafting recipes for the gears.


Here is the laser crafting recipe!

When Crafted it gives you a laser block crate. Break the crate to get the laser block!

Here is the cobblestone generator crafting recipe!

When Crafted it gives you a cobblestone generator crate. Break the crate to get the cobblestone generator block!


The tec addon adds a new mob/block called the windmill. The windmill right now is for decoration purposes but it will be used to power other blocks/mobs. The windmill looks like this (Picture Below). Also yes the windmill does spin.

The crafting recipe for the windmill is made like this (Picture Below)!

The windmill has to be placed on a specific block or it will not be placed and it will say that the windmill cannot be placed on this block. The only place the windmill can be placed on is the side of the gear block, and it has to be the side that the arrow on the gear block is pointing at.

Like the picture below!

Also if you right-click the windmill with one paper in your hand you can upgrade the windmill. The upgraded windmill spins faster and in the future will make more power!

The Upgraded windmill looks like this!

Gear Block

The gear block is the block that the windmill can be attached to. It can be crafted like this!

Also, You can see that is the windmill and the gear block there is a special wood used. That is a new block, its called the hardened wood. It is made like this. 

Nothing | Iron Ingot | Nothing

                                            Iron Ingot | Oak Planks | Iron Ingot     —>  Hardened Wood

Nothing | Iron Ingot | Nothing

There is also an experimental option in the addon, and if you turn that on in the addon settings you can see some preview items. Warning, the preview items are not survival friendly and they can sometimes crash or cause problems to your world.

That’s it for now. I hope you enjoy the addon.

If you want to get some items in the addon do .function tec_addon!


You cant use the code in this addon.

You cannot take credit for this addon.

You cant repost this addon and say it’s yours.

You Can make a youtube Video about the addon but you have to credit me.

Changelog View more

- Added Experimental Mode

- Added Netherite gear

- Made so that the laser block can be turned

- Added Windmill

- Added Upgraded Windmill

- Fixed Bugs 

- Added drill

- Added power

- Fixed Some textures

- Added Hardened wood


Turn On experimental Gamply for addon to work!

Zip Download

Extract zip

Put the Dat folder in the Minecraft behavior pack file

Put the Res folder in the Minecraft resource pack file

open your world and put the addon there

McPack or McAddon Download

Click on one of them and it should open Minecraft

Put the addon inside the world you want.


Supported Minecraft versions


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45 Responses

4.92 / 5 (13 votes)
  1. Wailin says:

    Lead ore doesnt spawn

  2. The loop says:

    Awesome add-on. I like the windmill it will help me finish decorating my farm!

  3. Alpha_Toothless says:

    Im using xbox one and it says it is only a resource pack

  4. Chenfengpro says:

    Cud u add a security camera?

  5. The First Update of the addon with all the suggestions in it is planning to be released 8/22/2020, Pacific Time Zone!

  6. Hands down the best addon in MCPEDL.

  7. ArthritisGuy says:

    Add a nuclear reactor to power everything please!!

  8. The resource pack in the zip file couldn’t import.

    • I don’t know why that’s happening maybe try again. It works fine on my device.

      • Nevermind, it works now. Now I know why the resource pack didn’t import before. It’s because Addons with a manifest that’s higher than 1.16.0 can’t be imported to a version that’s not in that case. Thanks, and don’t have to fix that anymore. Anyways, now for suggestions: Make the laser block directional. Add an item that allows players to change the direction of the laser block to North, South, East, West, up and down.

        Make a super drill that, just like the laser block, it could be activated by the redstone torch. Make it extend out a drill (an entity, obviously) slowly outwards to drill any block in its path. It’ll slowly lose power so that players have to power it again using that Charged Battery item. Keep in mind that any block that’s in its way have to be drilled out or no blocks at all in its path to continue being extended. It shouldn’t ever drill pass the block in its path. Same for the laser block. When there’s a solid block (Iron Block, Cobblestone etc..) in its path, it’s not supposed to go pass the block until it’s removed…

        Entity Detector block: When an entity (Excluding bosses) pass by this block, it will trigger any type of redstone component connected to it.

        Anyways, great Addon! Both this and the AdvancedFactory Addon! <3

  9. GXholeCraft_Official says:

    It Is Great
    Here Are My Reccomendation
    Missiles, A Press To Make Certain Weapons
    Substances Like Uranium , Platinum , Plutonium
    Futuristic blocks
    Futuristic Weapons
    Futuristic Vehicles
    Futuristic Mobs

  10. Idols of Mud says:

    Is there a way to turn the laser off?

  11. BloxurloGamer says:

    bro porfavor dime que este addon esta basado en industrial craft 2 mod por que si si seria genial que agreges la mayoria de cosas del mod como el jetpack las baterias las herramientas los hornos los cables etc.

  12. Pokest45 says:

    My suggestions:

    1. Lasers should deal heavy damage that isn’t affected by armor, instead of giving a variety of effects.

    2. STEELLLLL Crafted with iron, gold, copper, and coal/diamonds (steel has carbon, and coal and diamonds are made of carbon)

  13. Nottheguyyourlookingfor says:

    Is it possible to have the Lazer hurt the player when walking in to it? If not it is still amazing.

  14. GamerLogic says:

    Hey so got this addon looks great but laser only point in one direction how do i change this???

  15. Unknow Newbie says:

    Can the laser giving a signal to a blocks?

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