TerraEnhance 1.19.50 (New Biomes!)

Inspired by the likes of Traverse, Biome Bundle and Biomes O' Plenty TerraEnhance adds 9 new biomes to your Minecraft world! This addon does not add any new blocks, or mobs, in order to retain the vanilla feel of the game.

I've had to rework this addon significantly for it to work in 1.19, this has required the removal of several biomes, however, I plan to add the majority of these back in the future. I have also had to remove a few vanilla biomes, although most of these should not be noticeable. The rework also unfortunately means that it won't work with the majority of other biome addons, although should be compatible with more or less everything else. The biomes currently included in the addon are:

  • Boreal Forest
  • Thicket
  • Extreme Jungle
  • Volcanic Taiga
  • Spooky Forest
  • Diverse Forest
  • Temperate Forest
  • Giant Forest NEW
  • Deciduous Forest NEW

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Small quality of life update - Version 1.19.50

  • Reduced Spawn rate of Jack O' Lanterns
  • Added Bamboo to the Extreme Jungle
  • Added more/new trees to the Extreme Jungle
  • Modified the ratio of large trees to small trees in Deciduous Forest
  • Increased Tree spawn rate in the Deciduous Forest
  • Changed wood type and ambience in the Giant Forest


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OH MY GOD YOUR PFP (i would put a crying emoji here but i cant)
update it please on 1.20+ (I'm on btw, i haven't tried it but i obviously know it wouldn't work)
El mejor addon de Biomas a mi gusto, espero una actualización a 1.20.30 aunque no tenga nuevos biomas me conformo con la compatibilidad para q no haya errores.
¡Excelente Trabajo!
I Haven't played the mod yet but looking at the pictures i Believe that this might be the best biomes mod 10/10 5 stars⭐
any plane for 1.20?
Please make it compatible with realms!!! this addon is so freaking amazing! Also do you have a discord?
Minecraft got 1.19.40 update. Anything new you could do or fix with this addon?

Edit: Errors given for behaviour pack: Missing dependency with ID 'f16baf91-0443-4126-bf68-360f486f2810' and version '1.0.0'.
Es el mejor addon para bedrok
Nice biome addon! Love the vanilla style it has!
Im kinda dissapointed i play on series x and only 2 biomes r showing up extreme forest and then i. bunch of diorite is spreaded around the world but nothing else is there please help me figure out whh this wont work
Plz make sure that the leaves do not float when the trunk is cut
Está estupendo esperaré la siguiente actualización ^-^🌸
Wished this was compatible with other biome mods
Sorry, it’s out of my control, I’ve explained why in the description. When custom biomes are fully supported again it will be compatible.
finally its here in 1.19 the wait is over!!!!!