Published on July 05, 2020 (Updated on July 13, 2020)

Terraria Weapons Addon V3 (NEW UPDATE!)

Have you ever wanted to experience Terraria weapons inside Minecraft? Or you just wanted more swords in your Minecraft world! Well, your in luck! In this addon I’ve added over 75+ weapons to be used and to crafted. All weapons have different/accurate looks and stats! Which is very cool! Note: This Addon is still in Beta, So expect bugs and glitches!



(NEW UPDATE!) Pictures of Addon:

*On item frames* (75+ weapons)

*Front view of weapons*

*Inventory look*

Crafting Recipes

Here are some crafting recipes to build these weapons...

(Ignore the *bazaart* logo)


Paladin’s Hammer

Damage: 34

Command: /give @p cc:paladinshammer


Damage: 55

Command: /give @p cc:anchor


Damage: 56

Command: /give @p cc:tizona

First Fractal

Damage: 34

Command: /give @p cc:firstfractal


Damage: 10

Command: /give @p cc:umbrella


Damage: 54

Command: /give @p cc:nebula

The Axe

Damage: 14

Command: /give @p cc:theaxe

Betsy’s Wraith

Damage: 72

Command: /give @p cc:betsyswraith

Sky Fracture

Damage: 22

Command: /give @p cc:skyfracture

Soul Scythe

Damage: 350

Command: /give @p cc:soulscythe

Ice Mourne

Damage: 44

Command: /give @p cc:icemourne


Damage: 39

Command: /give @p cc:scythe

Shadow Jousting Lance

Damage: 16

Command: /give @p cc:shadowjoustinglance

Golem Fist (Second fist replaced with totem)

Damage: 90

Command: /give @p cc:golemfist

North Pole

Damage: 67

Command: /give @p cc:northpole

Brand of Inferno

Damage: 85

Command: /give @p cc:brandofinferno

Silver Broad Sword

Damage: 5

Command: /give @p cc:silverbroadsword

V2 Update

Ice Sickle

Damage: 42

Command: /give @p cc:icesickle

Candy Cane Sword

Damage: 16

Command: /give @p cc:candycanesword

Breaker Blade

Damage: 55

Command: /give @p cc:breakerblade

Jousting Lance

Damage: 56

Command: /give @p cc:joustinglance

Sky Dragon Fury

Damage: 70

Command: /give @p cc:skydragonsfury

Obsidian Swordfish

Damage: 70

Command: /give @p cc:obsidianswordfish

Palladium Pike

Damage: 32

Command: /give @p cc:palladiumpike

Star Wrath (Fixed Recipe)

Damage: 110

Command: /give @p cc:starwrath

Influx Waver

Damage: 110

Command: /give @p cc:influxwaver


Damage: 70

Command: /give @p cc:starlight

Mandible Blade

Damage: 14

Command: /give @p cc:mandibleblade


Damage: 50

Command: /give @p cc:seedler


Damage: 200

Command: /give @p cc:meowmere

Blade Tongue

Damaged: 55

Command: /give @p cc:bladetongue

(Green) Phase Blade

Damage: 21

Command: /give @p cc:greenphaseblade

V1 (First Release)

Cactus Sword

Damage: 9

Command: /Give @p cc:cactussword 

Fiery Great Sword

Damage: 36

Command: /give @p cc:fierygreatsword


Damage: 150

Command: /give @p cc:daybreak


Damage: 49

Command: /give @p cc:cutlass

Cobalt Naginata

Damage: 29

Command: /give @p cc:cobaltnaginata

Orichalcum Sword

Damage: 50

Command: /give @p cc:orichalcumsword

Cobalt Sword

Damage: 39

Command: /give @p cc:cobaltsword

Frost Brand

Damage: 49

Command: /give @p cc:frostbrand

Blood Butcherer

Damage: 22

Command: /give @p cc:bloodbutcherer

Flying Dragon

Damage: 90

Command: /give @p cc:flyingdragon

Death Sickle

Damage: 57

Command: /give @p cc:deathsickle

Stylish Scissors

Damage: 14

Command: /give @p cc:stylishscissors

Horseman’s Blade

Damage: 75

Command: /give @p cc:horsemansblade

Titanium Sword

Damage: 58

Command: /give @p cc:titaniumsword

Beam Sword

Damage: 58

Command: /give @p cc:beamsword


Damage: 66

Command: /give @p cc:excalibur 

Star Fury

Damage: 21

Command: /give @p cc:starfury


Damage: 190

Command: /give @p cc:zenith

Terra Blade

Damage: 95

Command: /give @p cc:terrablade

Blade Of Grass

Damage: 28

Command: /give @p cc:bladeofgrass 

Adamantite Sword

Damage: 44

Command: /give @p cc:adamantitesword

True Night’s Edge

Damage: 105

Command: /give @p cc:truenightsedge

Bone Sword

Damage: 16

Command: /give @p cc:bonesword

Palladium Sword

Damage: 45

Command: /give @p cc:palladiumsword

Ghastly Glaive

Damage: 45

Command: /give @p cc:ghastlyglaive

Trident (Terraria)

Damage: 14

Command: /give @p cc:trident

Christmas Tree Sword

Damage: 86

Command: /give @p cc:christmastreesword

Chlorophyte Saber

Damage: 48

Command: /give @p cc:chlorophytesaber

Bee Keeper

Damage: 22

Command: /give @p cc:beekeeper

True Excalibur 

Damage: 66

Command: /give @p cc:trueexcalibur

Fiery Greatsword

Damage: 36

Command: /give @p cc:fierygreatsword

Night’s Edge

Damage: 42

Command: /give @s cc:nightsedge

Phsyco Knife (New Crafting Recipe)

Damage: 85

Command: /give @p cc:phsycoknife


Damage: 19

Command: /give @p cc:katana


Damage: 21

Command: /give @p cc:muramasa

Ice Blade

Damage: 17

Command: /give @p cc:muramasa

Bladed Glove

Damage: 16

Command: /give @p cc:bladedglove

Phase Blade

Damage: 22

Command: /give @p cc:phaseblade

Purple Clubber Fish

Damage: 24

Command: /give @p cc:purpleclubberfish

Zombie Arm

Damage: 12

Command: /give @p cc:zombiearm

Horseman’s Blade

Damage: 75

Command: /give @p cc:horsemansblade

Chlorophyte Claymore

Damage: 80

Command: /give @p cc:chlorophyteclaymore

Enchanted Sword

Damage: 23

Command: /give @s cc:enchantedsword

Mythril Sword

Damage: 39

Command: /give @p cc:mythrilsword

Light’s Bane

Damage: 17

Command: /give @p cc:lightsbane

How to get weapons?

Simply type /function (still in beta)

Type /give @p cc: (any weapon above) ^ list

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-Added 17 Swords

-Fixed links

-Fixed cover for Terraria Weapons Addon V3


•Click on the .mcaddon/.zip link

(After you will be redirected to the mediafire website)

•Click on download (Terraria Weapons V1 By BolloMC)

•After that click on share and share it to mcpe addons/documents

•than click import/share again and click minecraft

(contact me if you need help)

IG: @bollomcpe

Email: [email protected]

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4.44 / 5 (16 votes)
minecraft=good( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) March 11, 2022 at 6:18 pm
You should lower down the damage to fit in more with Minecraft. These seem too OP.
if you ever update can you make a version where the items are more complex to craft or find?.. for the more survival hardcore players.
please upgrade to Minecraft version 1.17
make it a download off of MCPDL
This looks good to me and this will be fun
Trần Phương nam July 14, 2021 at 10:42 pm
should make the sword show damage for easy selection
I really liked this addon only two things bother me the fact that the weapons don't show their damage equal to vanilla swords and that certain swords don't use their previous version as part of the recipe such as the Night Edge and the Excalibur .
I like the mod, iya amazing. But can you make it so it need to turn on the experiental gameplay (holiday creator feature, additional Moding). Because i want to play this with other mod but it does not work, because the other mod need experiental gameplay. Pls update it
this addon suck you scammer, the function command doesn't work
Active the experimental gameplay
Dose this work for mobile
This addon made me fell in love with the weapon, though the weapons do not synchronize with the game acceptable for MCPEDL. Before installing this addon to my world, I start to think about SirQuackThailand's Minecraft Dungeon Weapons Addon because of its Minecraft vibe in the addon, believing that it works with my world; unfortunately, however, it has lesser weapons than your addon, BolloMC. As a result, I was stuck in the middle until I start to recognize the features between addons.
Comparing and contrasting yours and SQT's, I noticed that your addon surpasses SQT's pack and I'm impressed that testing these would make me look cooler! First tried the Bladed Glove and it's like I'm a one-clawed Wolverine. I hope to try these, but I bet some weapons may look like they have... secondary uses! Anyways, I suggest making more weapons for this pack because Terraria's wiki shows there's MORE than 87 (or 88) melee weapons. Hope to see a lot because I want to drown in them melee weapons, yo!

P.S. Sorry if this is too long, but that's what I want to do. I want to make a comfortable and understandable review.
Yo does every weapon have the same durability???........or no 10/10 btw
The weapons will not show up anywhere and you are unable to craft them. I’m on Xbox and other add ons work but this one will not show up even though it says it’s activated and the experimental gameplay is on, can you please fix this
We cant craft the swords can u plssss fix this pls;-;
Hey i only see 2 files can u make the download simpls or can u put it in a app pls