Terraria Weapons Addon V3 (NEW UPDATE!)

Have you ever wanted to experience Terraria weapons inside Minecraft? Or you just wanted more swords in your Minecraft world! Well, your in luck! In this addon I’ve added over 75+ weapons to be used and to crafted. All weapons have different/accurate looks and stats! Which is very cool! Note: This Addon is still in Beta, So expect bugs and glitches!



(NEW UPDATE!) Pictures of Addon:

*On item frames* (75+ weapons)

*Front view of weapons*

*Inventory look*

Crafting Recipes

Here are some crafting recipes to build these weapons…

(Ignore the *bazaart* logo)


Paladin’s Hammer

Damage: 34

Command: /give @p cc:paladinshammer


Damage: 55

Command: /give @p cc:anchor


Damage: 56

Command: /give @p cc:tizona

First Fractal

Damage: 34

Command: /give @p cc:firstfractal


Damage: 10

Command: /give @p cc:umbrella


Damage: 54

Command: /give @p cc:nebula

The Axe

Damage: 14

Command: /give @p cc:theaxe

Betsy’s Wraith

Damage: 72

Command: /give @p cc:betsyswraith

Sky Fracture

Damage: 22

Command: /give @p cc:skyfracture

Soul Scythe

Damage: 350

Command: /give @p cc:soulscythe

Ice Mourne

Damage: 44

Command: /give @p cc:icemourne


Damage: 39

Command: /give @p cc:scythe

Shadow Jousting Lance

Damage: 16

Command: /give @p cc:shadowjoustinglance

Golem Fist (Second fist replaced with totem)

Damage: 90

Command: /give @p cc:golemfist

North Pole

Damage: 67

Command: /give @p cc:northpole

Brand of Inferno

Damage: 85

Command: /give @p cc:brandofinferno

Silver Broad Sword

Damage: 5

Command: /give @p cc:silverbroadsword

V2 Update

Ice Sickle

Damage: 42

Command: /give @p cc:icesickle

Candy Cane Sword

Damage: 16

Command: /give @p cc:candycanesword

Breaker Blade

Damage: 55

Command: /give @p cc:breakerblade

Jousting Lance

Damage: 56

Command: /give @p cc:joustinglance

Sky Dragon Fury

Damage: 70

Command: /give @p cc:skydragonsfury

Obsidian Swordfish

Damage: 70

Command: /give @p cc:obsidianswordfish

Palladium Pike

Damage: 32

Command: /give @p cc:palladiumpike

Star Wrath (Fixed Recipe)

Damage: 110

Command: /give @p cc:starwrath

Influx Waver

Damage: 110

Command: /give @p cc:influxwaver


Damage: 70

Command: /give @p cc:starlight

Mandible Blade

Damage: 14

Command: /give @p cc:mandibleblade


Damage: 50

Command: /give @p cc:seedler


Damage: 200

Command: /give @p cc:meowmere

Blade Tongue

Damaged: 55

Command: /give @p cc:bladetongue

(Green) Phase Blade

Damage: 21

Command: /give @p cc:greenphaseblade

V1 (First Release)

Cactus Sword

Damage: 9

Command: /Give @p cc:cactussword 

Fiery Great Sword

Damage: 36

Command: /give @p cc:fierygreatsword


Damage: 150

Command: /give @p cc:daybreak


Damage: 49

Command: /give @p cc:cutlass

Cobalt Naginata

Damage: 29

Command: /give @p cc:cobaltnaginata

Orichalcum Sword

Damage: 50

Command: /give @p cc:orichalcumsword

Cobalt Sword

Damage: 39

Command: /give @p cc:cobaltsword

Frost Brand

Damage: 49

Command: /give @p cc:frostbrand

Blood Butcherer

Damage: 22

Command: /give @p cc:bloodbutcherer

Flying Dragon

Damage: 90

Command: /give @p cc:flyingdragon

Death Sickle

Damage: 57

Command: /give @p cc:deathsickle

Stylish Scissors

Damage: 14

Command: /give @p cc:stylishscissors

Horseman’s Blade

Damage: 75

Command: /give @p cc:horsemansblade

Titanium Sword

Damage: 58

Command: /give @p cc:titaniumsword

Beam Sword

Damage: 58

Command: /give @p cc:beamsword


Damage: 66

Command: /give @p cc:excalibur 

Star Fury

Damage: 21

Command: /give @p cc:starfury


Damage: 190

Command: /give @p cc:zenith

Terra Blade

Damage: 95

Command: /give @p cc:terrablade

Blade Of Grass

Damage: 28

Command: /give @p cc:bladeofgrass 

Adamantite Sword

Damage: 44

Command: /give @p cc:adamantitesword

True Night’s Edge

Damage: 105

Command: /give @p cc:truenightsedge

Bone Sword

Damage: 16

Command: /give @p cc:bonesword

Palladium Sword

Damage: 45

Command: /give @p cc:palladiumsword

Ghastly Glaive

Damage: 45

Command: /give @p cc:ghastlyglaive

Trident (Terraria)

Damage: 14

Command: /give @p cc:trident

Christmas Tree Sword

Damage: 86

Command: /give @p cc:christmastreesword

Chlorophyte Saber

Damage: 48

Command: /give @p cc:chlorophytesaber

Bee Keeper

Damage: 22

Command: /give @p cc:beekeeper

True Excalibur 

Damage: 66

Command: /give @p cc:trueexcalibur

Fiery Greatsword

Damage: 36

Command: /give @p cc:fierygreatsword

Night’s Edge

Damage: 42

Command: /give @s cc:nightsedge

Phsyco Knife (New Crafting Recipe)

Damage: 85

Command: /give @p cc:phsycoknife


Damage: 19

Command: /give @p cc:katana


Damage: 21

Command: /give @p cc:muramasa

Ice Blade

Damage: 17

Command: /give @p cc:muramasa

Bladed Glove

Damage: 16

Command: /give @p cc:bladedglove

Phase Blade

Damage: 22

Command: /give @p cc:phaseblade

Purple Clubber Fish

Damage: 24

Command: /give @p cc:purpleclubberfish

Zombie Arm

Damage: 12

Command: /give @p cc:zombiearm

Horseman’s Blade

Damage: 75

Command: /give @p cc:horsemansblade

Chlorophyte Claymore

Damage: 80

Command: /give @p cc:chlorophyteclaymore

Enchanted Sword

Damage: 23

Command: /give @s cc:enchantedsword

Mythril Sword

Damage: 39

Command: /give @p cc:mythrilsword

Light’s Bane

Damage: 17

Command: /give @p cc:lightsbane

How to get weapons?

Simply type /function (still in beta)

Type /give @p cc: (any weapon above) ^ list

Check Out This Amazing Video!

Changelog View more

-Added 17 Swords

-Fixed links

-Fixed cover for Terraria Weapons Addon V3

-Changed title (I forgot to)

-Added a video of how to use/showcasing addon!

-Added 17 Weapons

-Changed Images and cover photo

-Adding video soon! 

-Added 16 swords

-New crafting recipes

-Fixed title

-different looks/designs

-Added 16 Swords

-Changed some crafting recipes

-New looks for some swords

Fixed links for to download terraria weapons V1. (now works)


•Click on the .mcaddon/.zip link

(After you will be redirected to the mediafire website)

•Click on download (Terraria Weapons V1 By BolloMC)

•After that click on share and share it to mcpe addons/documents

•than click import/share again and click minecraft

(contact me if you need help)

IG: @bollomcpe

Email: [email protected]


Supported Minecraft versions


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79 Responses

4 / 5 (9 votes)
  1. Thebadgamer28 says:

    Could you add the Vampire Knives

  2. BolloMC says:

    Thank you everyone for 20k downloads!

  3. JonZai says:

    please fix the error in windows 10 edition, weapons are not created and it doesn’t take it: c was excited by the addons but it doesn’t work in windows 10

  4. Guest-9364716632 says:

    how to i combine “player” files
    pls help

  5. Guest-1969685530 says:

    what do you type in on /function

  6. Guest-8838931161 says:

    So we’re the resource pack cuz when I downloaded it there were 2 files inside the mcpack but they were the same

  7. GMiningHero says:

    Doesn’t seem to work for me, I downloaded V3 and made a world with experimental gameplay and no other addons.

  8. LBO44 says:

    Also add the armor please because otherwise the pvp is too easy.

  9. Guest-5765719967 says:

    Yall, give him a break, If yall want him to fix the damage of the swords than wait! There are over 75 swords so it takes time! Imagine having to fix 75 weapons for your minecraft addon, And i think these swords were specifically designed for bosses, but anyways, keep up the good work

  10. Guest-5537257266 says:

    personally i like the damage of the swords because most of the best swords have rare materials to craft them but some dont so thats the only thing that i would like to be updated

  11. Guest-4205264553 says:

    Please fix the damage, they’re too op, and does this work for realms?

  12. Guest-7752123056 says:

    U should rebalance the dmg of weapons and dobt make anew ones till u nake it all balanced

  13. Guest-1739608935 says:

    Man, i wish it could work on 1.14.x
    That’s what my current MCPE is since it is final version, i’m yet to try the 1.16.x beta ver

  14. Guest-5675422994 says:

    Does it work for minecraft windows 10?

  15. Guest-4530630308 says:

    Funciona para minecraft windows 10?

  16. Guest-5538988095 says:

    The mod doesnt work. I did everything this told me to do. Experimental on and put the pack on both of the things. When I made the world I got the material to make one of the weapons and then nothing was there… What is the problem?

  17. Guest-8525525557 says:

    Unfortunately, it’s not working on PC for me. Win 10, 1.16.1, experimental enabled, and disabled both tested. Great work. Would love to see a full-on Terraria to MC conversion one day that includes spells, summons, grappling hooks, bosses. 3-D Terraria? yes pls!

  18. Guest-4966101941 says:

    Can u please make the psycho knife harder to make because it’s really easy to make and you can beat the whole game only with it be9it does 85 damage

  19. Guest-3468818358 says:

    You could definitely make this better by making it more close to terraria such as terra blade actually being made of true Excalibur and True nights edge and other things like that to make it feel more like an actual terraria mod

  20. Omenzy says:

    COOL! I love this addon! I killed five enderdragons with the zenith it was fun! Me and my friend put a bunch of armor on and the zenith and we killed the enderdragons in under five minutes! The zenith and weapons are so cool! (Just fix the phsyco knife please, too overpowered)

  21. Guest-1240765344 says:

    So imballanced how does a piece of flint and a stick beat the ‘true excalibur’
    The weapons are good its the damage that isnt good too op the only ones that make sense are the ones with the dragon egg and nether stars
    Other than that its a great addon

  22. Guest-5741817164 says:

    The damage should be nerfed a lot this add on gets five stars everywhere else, but 2 nether stara is every expesive for 45 damage when beef does almos 80 i plan on using your add on for my multiplayer world with mods but the damage is imbalanced.

  23. Guest-3391210597 says:

    I have a question. Sometimes, in weapon Addons, the weapons just show up as an item and deal as much damage as punching. Is this the case with this Addon? Also, the damage of the weapons should be reduced a massive amount as the easiest weapons to craft deal insane amounts of damage, while the hard to craft ones deal about as much damage you could expect from a sharpness 5 netherite sword.

  24. Guest-7003110992 says:


  25. Dandragon401 says:

    I was so excited to use this addon and when I tried to use it it didn’t work. Please fix this.I am using Windows 10 edition. If you fix this then I might change my rating.

  26. Guest-2022999220 says:

    Is there a way to nerf the damage of the easiest weapons to get?

  27. Xdroid101 says:

    Usually when i get swords addon the sword’s damage is just like a normal punch does the damage actually do higher damage?

  28. joe847802 says:

    works fine. havent tested on realms so i hope it works there to. I have a problem with the danmage if these eapons tho since they seem to overpowered

  29. Vorona says:

    Hey so im on xbox and which file do i put in resource packs and behavior packs as it only says client and server side for your files?

  30. Guest-7614644266 says:

    Do any weapons (terrablade meowmere etc) have ranged attacks

  31. Guest-8281505691 says:

    I Guess Weapons Over Damage 40 Are Usually For Bosses Do Im Right?
    Because U Usually Could Find An Enderman And Its Hard To Defeat Because He uses Teleport So High Damage Or Some Elder Guardian, Weapons Are Mostly For Bosses. (IN MY OPINION)

  32. Guest-4432342477 says:

    hi everything work , i can craft but when i craft i dont see the weapon only gray scare ..i can hit enemies but the texture dosent work is normal? i put experimental on and i activate the bev and res pack

  33. BolloMC says:

    Hey guys! Currently this addon is still in beta so expect bugs!

  34. Guest-5357083605 says:

    It donesn’t work and yes, i turn on exerimental gameplay

  35. Guest-7800855663 says:

    Hey, I’m on Win10 Bedrock 1.16.1 and I was looking forward to play a survival world with my friend using this mod, however, even though I turned on experimental gameplay in 2 seperate world, res and add-on pack equipped, i can’t seem to get the items from crafting or commands, how do I fix this?

  36. Guest-5241413354 says:

    i did experimental gameplay and everything and i still cant craft or do commands

  37. Guest-2114233462 says:

    Does this work on realms?

  38. Guest-6700565434 says:

    i cant craft the swords or type in the command liek /function idk what to do

  39. BanditoGamer says:

    Wow you use crafty craft me too.

    • BolloMC says:

      Well yes but actually no, I actually make the designs of the newer weapons in terraria, But the old ones are the ones that come with the app, But the sword like zenith or katana are actually made by me.

  40. Guest-8949155728 says:

    Did you say that it should be working now?

  41. Guest-5009947441 says:

    Can u add more variety of weapons such as staffs and stuff plz? Great addon thanks 🙂

  42. S0ulStruck says:

    Do you know when the link will be fixed?

  43. Guest-8980391514 says:

    how long do u reckon it will take coz i really want to play it

  44. BolloMC says:

    Link is broken for now guys, I updated it, waiting for to get accepted.

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