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Have you ever felt bored with the appearance of equipment just like that?  With this texture, you will see a new look of your equipment with a cooler and 3d shape!!

This texture was made by me but not with the model and texture. What was made by pashin I just made the code and converted the model to mcpe!!

Here is some 3d items display for more details on my channel video.

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-Sword 3d




for more details in the video, please watch.


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-added a 3d model of the sword, and 3 axes, pickaxes, hoes, in ore diamond, iron and stone types.


For how to install it, it's like installing textures or shaders in general, so I don't have to tell you.


Installation Guides

A bit messy to use on first person, not recommended
I could just imagine using this in skywars/bedwars
the wood pick, wood axe and shovel does not have a texture or is not work please fix
Please fix everything that you would hold exactly in your hand. Well, in the first person, all these 3d things are on the left side and this is a big minus.
bom pra caramba em, seria bom uma versão desta textura para as armaduras
Blazeitmicheal176 July 24, 2021 at 3:39 pm
Looks incredible 👍
Blazeitmicheal176 July 24, 2021 at 3:55 pm
Can't wait for the rest of the tools to be re-textured.