Published on March 08, 2021 (Updated on February 27, 2024)

𒅄TF2 Stuff Addon: Pyro Update🔥

Are you a Team Fortress 2 fan but also a Minecraft player? Have you ever dreamed about using the iconic guns and items from TF2? Very well, this addon is for you!

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>>Welcome to the Pyro Update🔥<<




  • Dragon's Fury
  • Flare Gun
  • Panic Attack
  • Reserve Shooter


  • Powerjack
  • Lollichop
  • Ham Shank
  • Hot Hand
  • Postal Pummeler

NEW: Utility Wrench - use this brand new tool to pick-up and move Ammo and Health Pick-ups

NEW: Bullet/ Projectile Damage fall-off - bullet/projectile damage now varies depending on the distance and travel time before hitting its target.

NEW: In-game item description - item stats/description can now be seen in-game!

NEW: Team Fortress 2 font.

Fixes and General Changes:

Updated the localization files.

UPDATED: Player base health is back to 20 points(formerly 80 points).

UPDATED: Alt-fire feature for the Shortstop.

UPDATED: XP orb and Level-up sound were replaced with TF2's XP and casual level-up sound.

UPDATED: Big Kill and Lugermorph are now obtainable through Mann Co. Crates.

UPDATED: The ammo counter was retextured and moved to the bottom-right of the screen.

UPDATED: Adjusted First-person view model for every 3d melee weapon.

UPDATED: Adjusted First-person view model for some guns.

UPDATED: Added ball counter for the Sandman so players can see how many balls they have in their inventory.

UPDATED: Liberty Launcher and Disciplinary Action was added to the Mann Co. Supply Crate item pool and Trading.

UPDATED: Sandman Ball was added to Trading.

UPDATED: Sandman's -15% max health attribute was added.

UPDATED: Ammo stack size was increased.

UPDATED: Amount of ammo that you will receive upon trading was increased.

UPDATED: Disciplinary Action's speed buff was increased.

UPDATED: Every entity will now turn into a gold statue when killed by a Golden Frying Pan.

UPDATED: Sandman revamp:

                      Sandman ball can now stun enemies when it travels far enough upon hitting its target.

                      ▣ Using Alt-fire now plays an animation.

                      Sandman ball now leaves a particle trail so players can keep track of the ball's trajectory.

UPDATED: Axtinguisher revamp:

                      Now deals more damage when hitting a burning player/mob.

                      ▣ Now extinguishes a burning player/mob upon hit giving it more accurate stats.

                      Now grants a speed boost after killing a burning player/mob.

FIXED: Sharpened Volcano unable to burn entities.

FIXED: The Original's Crit Rocket being fired on top of the player's head.

FIXED: The Pain Train's attribute is restored.

FIXED: Texturing error for some weapons was fixed.

ADJUSTED: All weapon stats are adjusted because of the changes in the player's base health points.     


TEMPORARILY AFFECTED: The ability to Rocket Jump on greater heights.

REMOVED: Draw sounds (to reduce addon size and prevent slow performance on low-end devices)


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is it possible to add sentry guns?
ok epic update your mod is still the best mod
add the market gardener and it’s perfect
Add Half-Zatoichi :D
I was wondering if you colld let me stream minecraft with this modification i will give credit.
sure, just don't forget to credit me, I'd be happy too if you allow me to view your stream.
Kamikaze-Richthofen March 19, 2024 at 6:46 pm
So I placed a Ammo Pack and a Health Pack, but I wanted to move it somewhere else, I cant destroy it or remove it, so is there a way to do so? if not can there be something added to remove them to move them please
I will consider adding this to the upcoming update, Thank you for your suggestion!
Bloody Brilliant!, The Demoman Weapons are incredible and Sniper too, I really really Like this Addons, Keep going working on this mate, You doin Good Lad 👍
Icey the sniper main is a fake dint trust him im real
the download does not appear
Pls make disguise kit
The new weapons don't seem to be appearing to my friends when I play on multiplayer. What gives?
they should clear the addon cache in the game's settings or just delete the old addon folder then import the updated one
That_ guy_with_ideas March 08, 2024 at 12:18 am
Is it possible for u to make a resource pack with the equipping items sounds for normal item's in mc?
this mod looks great, you should try your hand at mgr weapons and stuff if thats up your alley
Icey the sniper main February 29, 2024 at 5:28 am