Published on February 22, 2022 (Updated on May 03, 2023)

The Batman Addon by Eyebags (BETA 1.3) (Utility Update Part 2)

To celebrate the release of the new 2022 The Batman movie, I decided to make this addon since Batman is my favorite hero. So here you go, the BETA release of The Batman Addon. Make sure to comment your thoughts and ideas, subscribe to the channel on YouTube so I know you guys want more aaaaand USE THE ID CARDS BEFORE PLAYING. ALSO ACTIVATE EXPERIMENTAL GAMEPLAY AND EDUCATION EDITION.


Utility Update (part 2) 

AK47s, Criminal Armor, Batmobile Mark 2 + more!


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-NEW Batmobile Mark 2 (+Afterburner, +Ejector Seat, +Inventory)
-NEW AK-47 + Magazine
-NEW Thug Vest
-NEW Brute Thug Armor
-NEW Flashlight Item
-NEW Sturdy Pipe Melee Weapon
-NEW Crowbar Melee Weapon
-NEW Red Hood Pistol Reload Feature
-NEW Communicator Gadget UI Menu (Credits to TheDoctor)

-Replaced all the links and removed Linkvertise


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can you make it so red robin can glide like batman and robin
this is a cool addon and I love it so much, but I was wondering if there is a utility belt if not can you make one i think it would be cool and would save inventory space because of all the weapons and can you make it so that Alfred can give you the suits to please and if you don't I don't care it is your choose it is a super good addon best one I have ever seen keep up the good work :)
I absolutely love this add-on and I have had the most fun playing it, thank you eyebags for making such an amazing mod an I can't wait to see what future updates and mods you come up with next 😎👌👍
You could make your addon compatible with InSafe's Warfare weapons addon, the two together would be very epic! because when you put the two together there are several bugs!
Hello, creator, can we choose your masterpiece and translate it into our language, Let more people see it and know you.Thank you for your approval!Guarantee no profit!
Can we discuss this in Discord? I'd love to discuss it with you!
bruh good Mod
Hey add them villains and villain accessories
i hope the official version. it´s incredible
I don't know if this is a problem with the mod or my game, but when I use this mod on my worlds, nothing will work except for the vehicles, bat-signal and supply drop
Hello, creator, can I get your authorization to upload all your add-ons to Netease My World?
There are a few bugs I found:
1.When throwing the batarang and picking it up again, it turns into an arrow, as well as some gadgets
2. Freeze grenade won't explode

Please fix the bug, I really like this addon 🙏
The batarang/arrow bug is being worked on.

The freeze grenade only explodes in water. It does nothing on land.
Bro best addon I had ever experienced. Only one promblem is disturbing me that if I use the
Grabbling hook. I won't be able to use it perfectly. Maybe my aim error but please check once. And bro keep it up you are going well , I am waiting for the bat man update .
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Batman and batfleck May 06, 2022 at 10:25 am
Best batman addon
Would it be able to work with the character creator?
actually insane for a beta version of an addon
also can u pls add a link for the map? thx