Published on February 22, 2022 (Updated on June 03, 2023)

The Batman Addon by Eyebags (BETA 1.4) (Equipment Update)

To celebrate the release of the new 2022 The Batman movie, I decided to make this addon since Batman is my favorite hero. So here you go, the BETA release of The Batman Addon. Make sure to comment your thoughts and ideas, subscribe to the channel on YouTube so I know you guys want more aaaaand USE THE ID CARDS BEFORE PLAYING. ALSO ACTIVATE EXPERIMENTAL GAMEPLAY AND EDUCATION EDITION.


Equipment Update



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-Batarang Arrow Bugfix
-Night vision flickering fix
-Ricochet batarang "bounce" fix
-Re-texture Batmobile Mark 2 windshield
-New Smoke particles
-New Smoke Physics and Collision
-New Freeze Grenade Particles
-New Bat-Shocker Particles
-New Bat-Shocker SFX
-Bullets SFX
-Added Vehicle Spawn Eggs
-New Baseball Bat Melee Weapon (Players and NPC's)
-New Birdarang Gadget (Red Robin)
-New Molten Batarang Gadget (Batman)
-New Frag Grenade (Explosive Weapon for Enemies or Red Hood)
-New Robin Cycle (Red Robin)
-New Semi-Truck (Enemy Players)
-New Batwing (Remodeled + Retextured)
-New NPC Enemies


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why not have a mcaddon link not a zip?!
It doesn't work on 1.20 can you fix that
there are many things that could be better like the grappling hook, batwing, and many textures, but seriously this is very good
Creator, I'm a fan of your work here on the site. I am brazilian and I'm making a fan map using your addon and a map of Gotham City that you may already know (Built by user THE4BDMASTER on the planet Minecraft) and I would like you to give me your permission For sharing this map with your addon, I will give you credit of course. The map is a simple adventure map for you to have fun as the dark knight.
I simply love this addon, it's the best and my favorite among all the Batman ones. Creator, do you plan on adding the Batboat soon? I would very much like it. A Batmobile with a different design would also be cool (this one isn't necessary but it's an idea) but one that I believe is necessary is the utility belt to carry the items With more practicality.
pls make the 2022 batman movie suit
the addon did not work pls fix
Hi eyebags I just wanted to say really big fan of your work especially the batman Addon I played with that batman Addon day and night 😂thx for the best Batman add-on but I have 2 suggestions 1 could you make it first person wearable if not can you make a redstone batarag plz I think it would be amazing
Do you take requests? and if so could you make a COD advanced warfare exo-suit addon? 🤔
Would u be able to help me out, the batarang doesn’t seem to be able to fly it just goes forward. I’m not sure if it’s me or there’s something u have to do so it flies
can you make it so red robin can glide like batman and robin
this is a cool addon and I love it so much, but I was wondering if there is a utility belt if not can you make one i think it would be cool and would save inventory space because of all the weapons and can you make it so that Alfred can give you the suits to please and if you don't I don't care it is your choose it is a super good addon best one I have ever seen keep up the good work :)
I absolutely love this add-on and I have had the most fun playing it, thank you eyebags for making such an amazing mod an I can't wait to see what future updates and mods you come up with next 😎👌👍
You could make your addon compatible with InSafe's Warfare weapons addon, the two together would be very epic! because when you put the two together there are several bugs!