Published on February 22, 2022 (Updated on April 14, 2022)

The Batman Addon by Eyebags (BETA 1.1 Update)

To celebrate the release of the new 2022 The Batman movie, I decided to make this addon since Batman is my favorite hero. So here you go, the BETA release of The Batman Addon. Make sure to comment your thoughts and ideas, subscribe to the channel on YouTube so I know you guys want more aaaaand USE ID CARDS BEFORE PLAYING.ALSO ACTIVATE EXPERIMENTAL GAMEPLAY AND EDUCATION EDITION.

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-Changed the Grapnel Gun from a 2D sprite to a NEW 3D MODEL with it's own animations.
-Changed Bat Family suit effects to suit each member. Redhood has increased Resistance, Batman has increased Strength and Resistance, Robin and Nightwing has increased Jump and Speed, Red Robin has the same stats as Robin and Nightwing but without the jump or speed increase.


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Bro best addon I had ever experienced. Only one promblem is disturbing me that if I use the
Grabbling hook. I won't be able to use it perfectly. Maybe my aim error but please check once. And bro keep it up you are going well , I am waiting for the bat man update .
Batman and batfleck May 06, 2022 at 10:25 am
Best batman addon
Would it be able to work with the character creator?
actually insane for a beta version of an addon
also can u pls add a link for the map? thx
Hey Eyebags! This is my most favorite mod that you have made. I am a huge Bat Family nerd, and I wanted to let you know that I am at your service to help you with textures, I absolutely love making pixel textures, if you are interested in having my help with anything, I will give you my discord, I hope we can work together. -KingofCold
You can join the Discord. I welcome any and all helpers to speed up the addons!
Nice 👍it reminds me arkham games especially explosive gel, but the add on needs some improvement such as batmobile and bat cycle models , you have to re model them, i recommend to use arkham asylum batmobile, and please remove the batsuit effects, it causes a lot of lag. I have an idea for batman hacking device, you can add some custom doors or maybe Minecraft iron doors that opens with that object or make it able to make Redstone signal (if its possible).
The later vehicle versions are going to be better but my goal for all my addons is to not compromise the Minecraft feel. I can make a fully detailed model with all the bits and bobs but I want it to have that Minecraft blocky feel.
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Hello, with your permission, could I upload a video showing your addon? I'm going to leave your addon credits