Published on August 20, 2023 (Updated on February 02, 2024)

The Blockrooms BETA

A backrooms "inspired" map that has the first 3 levels of the backrooms including some objects and entities, im going to update the map casually to update existing levels, entities and objects or to create new ones. The addon used for the map was made by me and isn't recommended to use it on other maps.(Addon made whit Minecraft Addons Maker)

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+ Finished Level 1 (for now!)

+ Added Level 2

+ Started The Hub Puzzle (the hub is going to be there in the next update)

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You should let people download it instead of it having to be a map so they can make their own
This comment has been removed
"Backrooms explored" addon can do it better
because yours feels more vanilla, and is better
Bastate bueno el mapa sigue haci que vas vien