Published on May 24, 2022 (Updated on May 27, 2022)

The Dancing C Morph Addon

In this add-on you can turn your self into the dancing clown (IT). You can use this addon for anything you particularly want wether it’s to troll your friends or maybe do a IT role play it’s up to you. The icon for the Morph is a helmet. I myself use it for roleplay like my other models which i will consider uploading. Remember if you don’t write in chat: /effect @s invisibility 900000 people will still see part of your body eg. leg and arm. So it is very important you do that. This is also good for trolls on servers or realms. Remember the helmet is not craftable you can only get it in creative.

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  • Now added a tutorial video on how to getthe Dancing Clown.



  • The_Dancing_C_Morph.mcaddon (926.26 KB)
  • The_Dancing_C_Morph.mcaddon (926.26 KB)

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