Published on March 20, 2020

The Islands [Adventure] [Looter] [Parkour]

You live on a group of Islands with a massive town connecting everything together. There are two mayors eagerly waiting to be in charge of the town. Earn their trust, and choose one to be the mayor.



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Can you please update it for 1.16 D: been trying to play for so long.
How do you get poppy’s?
What do I do if I accidentally put the water block in Jon’s dispenser and it has disappeared??
Where do you plant the tree???
Ayuda! Hice un parkour abajo de donde están los alcaldes y presione botones hasta de la isla, de los techos pero llegué a una pequeña isla con un árbol y no encuentro otro botón ni ninguna salida, necesito ayuda
El botón está oculto debajo de la isla. Tenga mucho cuidado donde mire, puede que tenga que rehacer su progreso.
how do u break the normal sandstone?
You'll need to obtain the first quest from Jon to get a pickaxe that will allow to you break the sandstone
Where do i plant the sapling?
Pls help im stuck
The area where you gave Jack Loung his message, there will be a bridge connecting the lake to an empty island. In the middle of the island, there is a hopper. Putting the sapling in the hopper will get you to the next step of your quest. Hopefully this helps. :)
Where is jack loung .plus i cant find the 4 coin either
I found jack but i dont know to get down to him
Jack is below the main town island. There is a lake where you can jump in to break your fall. You have to do some parkour to reach him. You get the 4 coins by giving out 4 flowers to 4 citizens. You get the 4 flowers from Jon's second step quest.
I absolutely have no idea what I'm supposed to, with the axe or anything in the map. Can you elaborate what I'm supposed to do after I went in.
The beginning axe is used to cut down the spruce tree in front of you (the blocks will be immediately placed after breaking it). You use the resources from the tree to trade with Sam John, the villager in the tent to your right. You collect enough resources to obtain a gold ingot in which you use to open the gate to the town. There are several ways to obtain new resources to progress in the game afterward. Thanks for illuminating the confusion to my presence and I'll be releasing a tutorial of how to play in the near future.
Does nether works in this world?
Yes, but you will need to complete all the quests for Ren and Jon (both of the mayors). The Nether is basically endgame so you won't be able to access it once you are introduced to the town. Hopefully, this clarifies the issue.