The Lab (Singleplayer) (1.17+) (Horror Adventure Map)

(Oh yes, please dont kill the beobachter. It destroys a main part of the game)

Welcome to Oxvidious Labs! The laboratory where you'll feel a hell-hole amongst you!You, a former investigative reporter, Austin Fisher, have been tasked to explore and document the abandoned lab of Oxvidious Laboratories. You were originally meant to go in with a secondary officer to assist you, but as you step an inch into the place, the door takes a brief close and shuts behind you, leaving you and your camera alone, cold, and anxious about what awaits you in the lab.And a no1 tip, DON'T get caught by the Beobachter. He likes his meat. He likes his meat fresh off of a reporter.

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-Buffed Beobachter

-Removed some lights

-Changed world files. 






  • 4The_Lab..mcworld (20.03 MB)

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Im about to make the gameplay im gonna pin the Download in the comments for credits
Woah The Beobachter Shocked Me :o
Im gonna make a gameplay of this later...
Btw if you wanna see what my channel is like?
Sorry i'm late, i'd love to watch it!
Did you get Piekabee’s permission to use his Hospital 2 resource pack?
I'm not sure if piekabee does creations on the site anymore. I did try to get contact with him on the site, but all that came up when i tried to check his maps was: "Editor".
I haven't learnt how to make texture packs yet, so i gave him credit where its due.
I will try to learn how to make my own one tho, and i will use it in the sequel for the Lab.
Ok cool :)
Princessfluffybutt44 July 05, 2021 at 3:02 am
I just got scared by beobachter
I panicked and killed the beobatcher with my axe by mistake, maybe should’ve gave him infinite healing?
Oh hey! Yes, i'm working on an update that buffs the beobachter, :)