Published on September 12, 2023

The Rake Horror Map

Hello, this is my first horror map "The Rāké," a map about a creature from Creepypasta. The map contains many jump scares and loud sounds! Plot: You were driving home after visiting a friend when suddenly your car runs out of fuel. You go looking for help and end up in a rest area, only to discover that somewhere in the forest, 300 years ago, a city called "Akiogan" was built. The people who lived there began to worship a certain devil, and after many years, he reappeared in this world. By chance, you fall into Rake's trap – try to escape!P.S. The map took 2 weeks to create, and completing it takes about 30 minutes. Have fun!


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When it's a long-term map, it always catches my attention, I'm a Brazilian YouTuber and I was thinking about recording on your map, because... Of course, I'm used to recording horror maps lol I'll leave the credits in the description ok :D
Of course! I'll gladly watch your video clip, thank you for the comment 👍
Could you please share a link to your channel or video? I'd be happy to watch and subscribe.