Published on September 06, 2020 (Updated on September 12, 2020)

The Sideways Map (Short Challenge Map)

Hello again mcpedl! Today I bring you a short challenge map called "The Sideways Map", basically this is a challenge map (Inspired by a minecraft java mod Up And Down And All Around) Where you go through 5 levels of man-made locations based on real minecraft locations, completing tasks, while the levels have a unique twist, they are flipped sideways instead of everything being normal. The parkour and other things also make this a more challenging map.

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-Corrected some mistakes in the post’s installation guide to avoid confusion



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Each level must have checkpoints...I will NOT DOWNLOAD if there are no checkpoints....And what SHADER that you are using for the screenshot???
I would like someone to make an addon on my little pony, so that mobs have models from java mod mine little pony, as well as in that mod, we could turn into a pony and also change to your skin! Perhaps I would even like to see a skinpack instead of an addon....