The Unknown Figure Add-on (v4.1)

Hello Everyone My Name Is Lander and I am an addon Creator who was inspired to make addons just like BendyTheDemon18 someday and here I am now, I present to you, The Unknown Figure Addon, an Addon that brings a new mob into your world that has an advanced AI and that tries to hunt you down and Kill you for sport, his appearance is a mixture of The Crooked Man and Slenderman, he has many abilities and can do many things.

The Unknown Figure Entity

The Unknown Figure Is Up to 3 blocks tall and can teleport like the enderman, and can do everything above except for jumping extremely high and flying, it does not spawn in the world like normal minecraft mobs so you are gonna have to spawn it in by going into creative mode to look for the spawn egg, or by doing the summon command, this creature is not only terrifying by appearance but it can also talk to you and hints you when its coming. 

This does not replace any mobs in minecraft.

Important Info :

Do not use it in one of your favorite worlds without making a backup first because he has the tendency to destroy everything in his path as he pursues you! :/ , make sure to create a new world before using this addon because this mob can edit Some of the settings of the game, And also make sure you turn up Your Sound for this will give you a clue that the monster is getting closer :} This Mob can also almost break every block in the game, so keep your eyes peeled he could come up from behind you, on top of a tree, or from underneath you. Once You Hear Mining you will soon experience the wrath of the Unknown Figure….. 

Once You see a caution text followed by a Warning Text Your Done for YOU BETTER RUN FOR YOUR LIFE.

The Unknown Figure Knows a lot of things……

“Do Not Spawn More Than One Of The Unknown Figure Other Wise you won’t experience the full AI”

If You Choose To Try And Kill Him Or Spawn In Cartoon Cat With Him In The Game, You Will meet your demise :}

* Health : 40 (But It Is Invincible because it is smart and can use commands)

* Follow Range : 1000

* Damage : 7

* Abilities : Levitation Umbrella, “New Even Smarter AI Teleportation” , “New Commands”

* Height : 3 


Terms And Conditions from when Using This Addon

Rule 1. Make Sure To Credit Me When You Are Using This addon In Your Map.

Rule 2. You are not to mess around with or change the files of the addon without my permission.

Rule 3. Have Fun And Scare Your Friends! 😀

If You’ve Enjoyed Please Make Sure To Rate And Comment Down Below! 😀

Changelog View more

v.4.1 Changes And Updates 

- Added More Abilities

-Fixed Despawning (he will no longer despawn) to test if he exists do /testfor @e[type=landerboss:unknownfigure] or /tp @e[type=landerboss:unknownfigure] ~ ~ ~

-More Monsters Coming Soon! 

-Added More Scary Stuff :}

v 4.1 Updates And Changes

- More Monsters Coming Soon!

- The Unknown Figure No Longer Despawns when You go past 1000 blocks (Not Entirely Sure Please Reach Out To Me If He Ever Despawns, to check if he didn't despawn either do a testfor @e[type=landerboss:unknownfigure] or do tp @e[type=landerboss:unknownfigure] ~ ~ ~ thank you)

- Added More Scary Stuff

-Added The Chat Back And A New Way For Him To Chat

4.0 Updates and Changes

* Removed TNT, to make something even better in the future

*Added More Style To Clothing And Walking Animation

* Fixed Watermark and sounds from not loading in the game

*Changed Presence Bar

*Added Evil :}

3.0 Updates and Changes


*Added more abilities and 1 more sound (so that you don't hear the same thing over and over again)

* Got rid of chat and added A Presence  bar at the bottom of the screen instead of chat

*Added the ability to update itself or make itself unstuck

* More sounds will be added soon!

v.10 added Unknown Figure To The Game 

  • v.20 added UMBRELLA

  • v.30 Behavior Changes And Secrets Coming Soon!

v1.0 Added Sounds And Talking

v2.0 Umbrella and More Abilities Coming Soon


Make Sure To Download Both Packs Other Wise The Addon Will Not Work Properly In Game!


Supported Minecraft versions

1.14 1.16

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93 Responses

4.9 / 5 (10 votes)
  1. hey guys since the next update is not gonna be out until a while and my discord server on the addon page with it, I am gonna let you guys join the discord server right now.

  2. Shade Incorporate says:

    Yo my first comment was backwards but why won’t the file work, could you make files for them? Just a suggestion, really cool concept so far

  3. Guest-1744433583 says:

    !krow siht tnow yhW

  4. Guest-4819830065 says:

    At first everything was fine, but then some kind of mistake, the spawn egg turned black, but the mob itself is not there, it is invisible.

  5. Guest-5522701022 says:

    what is the command to spawn him?

  6. Guest-6105066237 says:

    Lol idk why u tryna bendy u pretty much better than him (No Offense)

  7. Lander what is your discord? It won’t let me add the link because it’s another person’s addon.

  8. Guest-1529465599 says:

    Please make more addons like this please

  9. Guest-1167996691 says:

    O que é o evil? Uma entidade?

  10. Guest-5141764004 says:

    Very good but it would also be cool if u made a slender man Add-on also keep up the good work I can’t believe that this is ur first Add-on and it’s already like bendys addon.

  11. Guest-6854289823 says:

    here…… i have not tried this addon yet but i think it will be great! also keep up the good work 🙂

  12. Guest-2253144480 says:

    I Might Actually Make A Map Using This
    It Looks Great

  13. SuperTrooperGaming says:

    This addon is really cool and scary! I definitely recommend it for players who like horror and challenge. Also Lander Boss, I notice your profile picture is a bat and your name has Lander in it… Does this have any relation to Gregor The Overlander?
    Hope you respond 😉

  14. Guest-9377445256 says:

    Hey can I have your permission? I need to make video about this My YouTube Channel Is MCZackGaminG Please 🙏
    Btw Cool Addon And creepy

  15. Guest-6837310250 says:

    Can u do a look see and the birch boss addon from crypt tv

  16. Red Fan says:

    For some reason his textures are messed up.
    Also maybe you could add more things to say and special attacks for him.

  17. Guest-3725488142 says:

    I changed the death sound into a oof xd lol

  18. NinjaSlime says:

    Boom! That’s what I call a Conjuring 2 add-on and 5 star 4 u

  19. also guys by the way, when he is in the world and has nothing to do he wanders in a weird way for a reason.

  20. Guest-2369958563 says:

    Is that the crooked man from the conjuring 2?

  21. MCPE1234 says:

    Hopefully he can’t switch my gamemode to survival unlike cartoon cat.

  22. Guest-9818067941 says:

    so when I spawn him in does he will roam until a player reach 1k blocks you should make it spawn very rare that 1 day the player will be hunted by the unknown figure

    • I don’t think my creation can despawn, also I don’t think I can make it’s follow range any higher cause I heard that it is the max that you can put it as.

  23. Foxxesboy187 says:

    Bro i don’t know why? I just kill him in 1v1 and i won after that i found something in friend server. But i don’t have a friends or realm i very scared to go there server

  24. Sqqnss_Underrtalee says:


  25. Guest-3252990549 says:

    just put Gaster from Undertale and it will be full

  26. Guest-6127346774 says:

    There was a crooked man who walked a crooked mile

    • He found a crooked sixpence against a crooked stile;
      He bought a crooked cat which caught a crooked mouse,
      And they all lived together in a little crooked house. :}

      • Guest-3642854705 says:

        Is that what you where going for cause it kinda looks like him from the conjuring 2 but not in red clothes

        • He Used to not have a nose or glowing eyes or an umbrella and yes he was like that, I also made a crooked man addon before but I moved on to make something cooler called the unknown figure addon.

  27. Guest-8251375277 says:

    Yr really awesome keep the good work! And can a griever modd from The Maze Runner plz!

  28. Guest-5961077764 says:

    We need to get bendy to notice this.

  29. well your not wrong, or are you :}, how about without the kill command that’s a challenge.

  30. GonzaGTxd says:

    Hello, this plugin is amazing, can I use it for a series with a partner?

  31. Guest-9243024411 says:

    if it doesn’t have infinite health it’s not invincible trust me. I will kill this thing.

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