The Zombie Apocalypse (reposted)

A addition to the radium armament template world, adds a fairly large house/manor. All credit for the original template world and addon goes to Radium download his addon below \/[These are crucial for the smooth function and display of this map.

Radiums armament download:

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Warfare armors by Astray

Minepocalypse addon 


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Fixed the downloading system for external mods ok bruh leave me alone u nub ”its not enough”




  • RadiumTemplateModified.mcworld (10.71 MB)

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actually it looks like the original creator took the mod down and now you have to get the addon through their youtube.
oh wow, this guy might have had an uno reverse card because the original mod, Radium's Armament got taken down.
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The original creator will take this down because the gun mod is in the world and he will take it down SUBSCRIBE TO(Radium)