Theresa Apocalypse 星穹圣诗

This add-on implements a highly realistic mob based on the Theresa Apocalypse form Honkai 3rd. If you’re looking to experience what high definition models would look like in Minecraft, then give this add-on a try today!

Replaced the skeleton with Theresa Apocalypse, that all.

You can easily find its eggs.

Please use the latest beta minecraft to load it.

I don’t know if the old and official versions support it

德 莉 莎 世 界 第 一 可 爱                           


Place a skeleton


Supported Minecraft versions


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77 Responses

4.32 / 5 (34 votes)
  1. Guest-6511402274 says:

    Cool texture but
    When I activate the resources pack and behavior and I play it
    When I summon the skeleton
    Why still color black?
    And i try to remove the pack icon in the texture of skeleton and the color is working but not fix
    Plsss remove the icon in the texture

  2. Guest-9268058829 says:

    Make a jojo stand addon 4D model

  3. Guest-2538514051 says:


  4. For anyone wondering, this does actually run fine in 1.14.6.

  5. Guest-8794282150 says:

    This is Illegal…

  6. Guest-6481852809 says:

    Oh no… My worst Nightmare has come true!! A ROUND SHAPED ON MINECRAFT?! THIS IS CURSED!!!!

    (Btw good job, its cool too, i was just being a little fun-bone to all)

  7. Guest-7697108422 says:

    How to make that, is that blockbench?

  8. Whooh, this hurts my eyes.
    My brain does not like round things in minecraft-

  9. Guest-5314918307 says:

    Ah I see ur captain of culture as well

  10. Guest-7856584578 says:

    I dont see colours

  11. Guest-1593141618 says:

    Help me it is not working all my Minecraft versions
    Plllsssss help me

  12. Danan453 says:

    Working in MCPE/MCBE 1.14. Nice????.

  13. MADNESSman2411 says:

    It has female private parts

  14. A_Shfox says:

    finally I can blip blop in Minecraft (I’m joking)

  15. blood eye says:

    kinda cringe :/

  16. blood eye says:

    great model btw. great work keep up the good work

  17. Guest-5608035766 says:

    yay a mod I can put something in my friends house and put a sign say ANIME S DOLL my friend is gunna be cringe for life because im a evil BA$TARD

  18. Itzezgamerpro05 says:

    Hello can you make the removed md3 mobs from minecraft like rana? I really appreciate this realistic addon but can you make the removed md3 mobs?

  19. KMTrager says:

    Finally the first POLYMESH model to be released on mcpedl.

  20. ScubaDiving Squirrel says:

    This is AWESOME. Can you PLEASE make anime waifu models next?

  21. Guest-9548763909 says:

    finally a blessed addon

  22. Guest-7955432110 says:

    This is Amazing the model isn’t laggy at all! My thoughts were how I am I gonna run an HD model on minecraft pe with 2GB of ram on my device but to my surprise it wasn’t. I am really hoping you add some animations to the model.

  23. Guest-8323386625 says:

    This is Amazing the model isn’t laggy at all! My thoughts were how I am I gonna run an HD model on minecraft pe with 2GB of ram on my device but to my surprise it wasn’t. I am really hoping you add some animations to the model.

  24. Guest-8974903824 says:

    How can i fix the Textures M8 its all black

  25. Guest-2988746915 says:

    lol simp, how did mcpedl approve this?

  26. Guest-1783596827 says:


  27. Guest-2517325719 says:

    Now imagine if you made the old Sonic design.

  28. Guest-3556226172 says:


  29. Guest-2378567092 says:

    It has females private parts
    but anyways you should do more like I’ve never seen anything like this in Minecraft its crazy

  30. Guest-1479451675 says:

    the model doesnt have any texture, how do i fix this?

  31. Guest-3649444570 says:

    Now try to recreate the no cubes mod.

  32. Guest-5416649173 says:

    I am gonna marry her ?

  33. Guest-4202528302 says:


  34. BonnieEXE says:

    A good Addon indeed, but why replace a Skeleton but not a custom mob with custom animations and behaviours? By the way, if you’re currently planning on making the Honkai Impact 3 Addon, do it ssoon!

  35. kingofdrago123 says:

    make it new mob ;c

  36. 鸥吃鱼 says:

    Nice work.
    Another perfect Chinese addon.
    Keep on good work.

  37. Guest-8284239923 says:

    Honkai impact third,I’m impressed.

  38. Guest-9177896839 says:

    Help textures arent loading model is black

  39. Foxxesboy187 says:

    5D skin

  40. Wow. That’s the highest definition model I’ve ever seen in Bedrock, without a doubt.

  41. BonnieEXE says:

    Umm… Why replace??? Why not a custom mob instead?

  42. M.M.16 player says:

    Very realistic! You should make some addons like this

  43. The_TNT_Creeper says:

    This is cursed.

  44. Guest-5225427866 says:

    Wow,this is hilarious good work XD

  45. Guest-9839424289 says:

    Very impressed with this model! I’ve never seen something like this in Minecraft before, it’s like a gmod or VRchat model. Definitely keep up with the work and maybe make it so they have animations!

  46. Guest-6415237684 says:


  47. Guest-8613994986 says:

    Omg how

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