Published on December 31, 2020 (Updated on December 31, 2020)

Thor Add-on

This add-on adds Thor, The God Of Thunder in your Minecraft world. Along with him there are his fellow nemisis waiting to battle him and you. This add-on comes with his special weapons, The Mjolnir and the Storm breaker. It also adds his evil brother Loki and the the end of Asgard the one and only the Surtur.

Thor (Mjolnir)

In this add-on there are two Thors, One is with the Mjolnir and the other one with the Storm breaker. This Thor holds the Mjolnir and has long hair. You can use Thor to even fight Surtur and Loki. 

Thor (Storm Breaker)

This Thor is slightly more stronger than the Thor with the Mjolnir as he holds the Storm breaker. And also do not spawn this Thor infront of the other Thor because they will think that the other is fake and will start fighting each other.


Thor's brother who was adopted by Odin wanted the throne of Asgard so he betrayed his own brother. Loki will attack Thor but not the players. He will throw small fire balls on Thor to kill him.


This is Surtur the end of Asgard. You can easily kill him with the Mjolnir but as per the movie Thor's hammer was destroyed, so try to defeat him with normal weapons. He is super big though.

Weapons and Items:


Mjolnir can be crafted but not easily. You would need some iron, a stick and the uru metal. It has great powers and is totally overpowered.

Storm breaker

Ladies and gentle men we have the Storm breaker. The Storm breaker also can be crafted. The recipe is above. It is even more powerful than the Mjolnir.

Uru Metal

The Uru metal is a special metal which was made from a fallen shooting star. This can be used to craft his hammer and axe.

Surtur's Sword

Not that OP but at least was just a part of Surtur.

Hela's  Sword

Hela's Sword is another cool weapon from the movie. It can be thrown for massive explosions. I wanted to add hela but she was getting glitched.


Use experimental gameplay to spawn these items. I recommend you to create a new world then on experimental gameplay and then on the resource and behavior pack. There is a hell spawn egg which I am not sure if she may spawn or not. If you forget any recipe just go in the chat and write

/function Thor_Add-on_for_Minecraft_PE and you will get all the items.


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For a heads up, maybe say or show what experiments we have to activate for this to work instead of just saying "Use Experimental Gameplay"
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We would like an update of both Mjolnir and Stormbreaker able to summon lightning just by holding on it. That would be awesome. Thanks for this, creator! We'll wait for the update :>
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Add abilities to Thor’s weapons, like, u long press with his hammer, lightning strikes any mob within a 10 block radius, and when u crouch and long press with stormbreaker, he throws it or something
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