Published on August 29, 2021 (Updated on December 09, 2021)

Tool Upgrade FB

Do you know that, you have got old armor or tools in your inventory? With this addon you can improve armor or tools with other items. So, for example, you don't have to make a new ax because you can simply improve the old one ...

Hi, this is the "Tool upgrade FB" -addon.

News and improvements in v2.1

  • new download links
  • bug fixes

News and improvements in v2


(copyright by mcbeFB)


Content v1 (and v2)

now you can improve items as well as armor on a workbench




crafting rules

-You can only upgrade to the next stronger item

-The upgrades are always one or two items cheaper than normal (so it's worth it)

-have fun



do not say that this addon belongs to you and do not share the mediafire link !!!

sharing the mcpedl link is welcome and allowed. if you make a video with or this add-on, I would be happy if you would link me - the creator in the description (not a must). changing the addon is okay, please contact me but you will publish it. 



Select version for changelog:


News and improvements in v2.1

  • new download links (ad / no ad)
  • bug fixes


download the addon via the mediafire link and open it with a double click... and have fun

Supported Minecraft versions

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Hi can I use this addon in a video that I want to create. As I must I will credit you.
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First of all, thank you for asking ... I think it's great if you make a video, please link this page in the description. if you have published the video please send me the link
E-Mail: [email protected]

Thanks and good luck with your video
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Can you combine this addon with more tools addon plz
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Does it work for enchanted items?
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