Published on March 25, 2024

Touch Circle remover 1.20+ ( support renderdragon)

 Once upon a time, in the pixelated world of Minecraft Pocket Edition, there lived a young builder named Akazq.

Akazq was passionate about creating beautiful worlds and intricate structures within the game. However, there was one thing that always bothered Akazq – the touch circle that appeared whenever they interacted with blocks or items in the game. No matter how much Akazq tried to ignore it, the touch circle seemed to distract from the immersive experience of building and exploring. Determined to find a solution, Akazq embarked on a quest to create the perfect resource pack that would hide or remove the touch circle altogether. Days turned into weeks as Akazq tinkered with textures, experimented with coding, and delved into the depths of Minecraft's game files. Finally, after numerous trials and errors, Akazq emerged victorious with a custom resource pack that achieved exactly what they set out to do – bid farewell to the touch circle once and for all. With the new resource pack in hand, Akazq's Minecraft experience transformed into a seamless journey of creativity and adventure. Building magnificent structures and exploring vast landscapes became even more enjoyable without the distraction of the touch circle. Word of Akazq's resource pack spread across the Minecraft community like wildfire. Players from all corners of the virtual world praised Akazq's ingenuity and dedication to enhancing the gaming experience. Soon, Akazq's resource pack became a must-have for many Minecraft Pocket Edition players who shared the same sentiment about the touch circle. 

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Great texture pack!
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