Travel Base Function Pack

The function pack implements some structures like tents into your Minecraft worlds. The idea is that you have to build a small special structure and then stand on a special block and the base will be automatically spawned.

First of all you must add the function (you find it under the behavior packs section) into your world.

Then you follow these steps:

  1. Go into gamemode creative
  2. Give yourselfe a command block
  3. Set it to repeat and needs redstone
  4. Type in: /function travel_base
  5. Go into gamemode survival
  6. Place a redstone torch or block at the command block (so you can stop and start the function)
  7. Ready
  8. (Because the function creates a tickingarea, it works over the whole world)

Now you can build the following plans, which will spawn the different tents and camps.
imagine this situation: you are traveling through your world far away from home and it will be night. So you need a little base where you are save and can stay over night.

For this you can build one of the following plans (at the next six pictures at the left side) and stand on the block where my figure stands.

The funtion proofes, if there is a plan and if the plan was built correct. If everything is ok the tent or camp (at the next six pictures at the right side) will be created at your position and the plan will be destroyed.
Note: You need exactly the same materials like at the screenshots and the plans have to be aligned in positive x-direction.

normal simple tent:
materials: 3 cobblestone, 9 brown/grey/orange/lime/pink wool, 4 oak logs

this different colours are possible:

For example this wouldn`t work, because the plan insn`t aligned in the right direction and so the function can`t find a right plan:

Jungle tent:
materials: 10 oak planks, 5 oak logs, 20 green wool

Desert tent:
materials: 1 cobblestone, 5 oak logs, 7 spruce planks, 23 brown wool, 1 (red) sandstone
Note: in a red desert, it looks exactly the same except the ground (the plan needs a red sandstone block instead of a normal sandstone block).

materials: 1 spruce planks, 8 blue ice, 16 packed ice
Note: here you don’t have to pay attention to the direction, because the plan looks the same in every direction.

Small camp:
materials: 24 oak logs, 4 spruce planks, 4 white wool, 3 cobblestone, 1 coal block

Big camp:
materials: 40 oak logs, 4 cobblestone, 5 white wool, 4 iron blocks, 1 emerald block, 23 spruce planks

Note: because you can´t create a normal double door with commands (everytime I tried, the door breaks), I use another possibility and so the door looks a bit different.

modern tent:
materials: 25 grey wool, 12 light grey wool, 2 cobblestone, 1 iron block

teepee camp:
materials: 30 white wool, 2 green wool, 2 red wool, 2 orange wool, 12 cobblestone, 18 oak planks, 6 spruce logs, 1 emerald block

Note: the emerald block must be placed one block lower than the other blocks of the plan (in the ground)

materials: 21 oak logs, 9 spruce planks, 5 white wool (and 35 water source blocks under the plan)

materials: 14 stone brick blocks, 6 dark oak planks, 10 quartz blocks, 10 light blue terracotta

garden hut:
materials: 16 oak logs, 16 spruce planks, 9 oak planks

mesa house:
materials: 12 white terracotta, 12 light grey terracotta, 8 brick blocks, 4 spruce planks

pink house:
materials: 5 white concrete, 5 pink concrete, 2 spruce planks, 12 birch planks

small modern house:
materials: 16 grey concrete, 9 white concrete, 17 acacia planks, 7 grey stained glass blocks, 1 iron block

Finally, after you built the plan (you were standing at the right block), the base was created and the plan was destroyed, it looks like that:

If you want, you also can download my testworld for this function to try it all out:

(–> mcworld file, Mediafire)
Note: You also must add the function to the test world.
Here you have pictures from all plans and 3D-modells from all tents and camps:
Travel Base Function – Pictures
(–> zip file, Mediafire)
And here you can download a little video in which I show you, how you should use my function (as an additional explenation/instruction):
Instruction Video
( –> mp4 file, Mediafire –
Attention: size: 140MB)

I hope, I explained everything well and you have fun with this function.  🙂

Changelog View more
  • more detailed description
  • better pictures
  • added a link for a downloadable video as an additional explenation
  • wrong picture (desert tent) replaced by the right one
    --> block in the middle must be cobblestone
    --> now it should work
  • added anvil sounds, which will be played when a base was built
  • added information on how many materials you need

thanks for your much replies, ideas and hints  :-)

  • added new structures:
    modern tent
    teepee camp
    garden hut
    mesa house
    pink house
    (small) modern house
  • added different colours for the (small) tent
  • fixed the double door from the big camp


Supported Minecraft versions

1.11 1.12

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48 Responses

3.66 / 5 (18 votes)
  1. Alice says:

    Please fix the Garden Hunt blueprint and fix the bug of the blueprint for the Modern Tent where if you step on the cobblestone block next to the one in the picture where you have your character, the blueprint will turn into the small tent (Even after the modern tent is build, walking in the Modern Tent will summon the small tent inside it). Other than that, the addon is very beautiful and helpful!

  2. SolarLolbit says:

    It didn’t work for me, i also have followed the instructions

    • Hm… everything works for me.
      Did nothing worked? Or were there only problems with creating single structures?
      possible mistakes by you, that I can imagine:
      – plan aligned in the wrong direction
      – typing mistake in the command block
      – function not added to the world

  3. Cornygamerboy says:

    Make A HYPIXELUHC function lack on mcpe
    Focused On The Golden Head And Normal Head = regen And Any Buff
    Heads drop when Players died And Was killed
    Craft Golden head

    Behaviour pack!!! Mixed with function pack

    • ok I really don’t no what you mean. . . but funnily, I’m really working on a UHC-Function that doesn’t includes the Travel-Base-Function. If you want to, you can simply integrate both functions into your world.

  4. Cornygamerboy says:

    Please Make A Working UHC Golden Head And Heads also Heads drop Into a Function pack For Hypixel Uhc Watch Uhc Then u will know

  5. Flame says:

    I followed the instructions but it still doesn’t work

  6. Quinn Brown says:

    In 1.13 beta I had the repeating command vlock on always active, and I loaded the world, I was in creative, all of a sudden, the function started spawning small camps every wherw I moved, this was on a skyblock world that I was attached to, previously, before I joined the beta, the function worked amazing, but I don’t know what happened, so 2 stars.

    • Ethanos says:

      You should fix ur rating. The function pack isn’t even designed for the 1.13 beta. The command script changes in new updates.

  7. TrayBlock says:

    Please it compatible with Windows 1o im making a Adventure map for my bro and i cant use it

  8. Thereemaster says:

    I really like this and all of it works for me bet can you please add a pink small house for some of us girls or make it to where we can change the wool color so it fits what we like but besides that I really like the Addons and I will put this on all my worlds thank you and please make mor bild’s

  9. Sir Chaton says:

    This is really cool! I wanted to dm you but couldnt find any way to but could i use your method of detection for functions? Its really interesting and is really useful!

  10. Keyyard says:

    Nice work, btw i could help make the commands alway triggers. so Player doesn’t have to do anything, it will automatically trigger without command blocks. what do you think?

  11. hghghghg says:

    can i use these builds for my pvp survival world? i wont be making youtube videos on the world, its just for me and my friends.

  12. BOB says:

    Loved it, the structures where great they had lots of deitail. But the sandstone one did not work.

  13. FreeRubber says:

    The desert base doesn’t work and it isn’t around the whole world but it is good function pack

  14. Anonymous says:

    Got mine to work, which is good.

    Hopefully in the future there is a way where you can make the structure face in any direction regardless of coordinates. Also more structures such as cabins, modern-looking tents, lean-to’s, small houses, etc.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Got mine to work, which is good.

    Hopefully in the future there is a way where you can make the structure face in any direction regardless of coordinates. Also more structures such as cabins, modern-looking tents, lean-to’s, small houses, etc.

  16. Xbox says:

    I love this function its so fun to just go into the test world and practice the structures but the only problem I have is how do you find the positive x-direction. Also it would be amazing if you added more structures.

  17. NoJoTo says:

    Great Addon! There are only a few problems I have with it.
    1. The doors on the big camp break of.
    2. The desert tents don’t work. Firstly, in the red sandstone picture, there appears to be brown wool in the middle, but in the second, it appears as if there’s spruce wood planks. I tried both, with both sandstones, and it didn’t build.
    3. It would be nice if you said how much of each resource it took to build the different things.

    Besides those problems, this is a great Addon! The structures all look great, and the process of building them is fun.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Very good please add more structures

  19. Anonymous says:

    I don’t think I understand anything about this function

  20. Randy says:

    Does it work in pocket edition

  21. JellyPaladin says:

    You need 1.11+, people. Please read the supported Minecraft versions of everything you see here before you make a comment. This function pack is actually great!

  22. Anonymous says:

    U probably need to udate it.

    • ok, I downloaded it, added it and tried it in a new world.
      Everything works for me except the desert tent. So the function works, but unfortunately I showed a wrong picture here: you have to replace the spruce planks block in the middle of the plan with a cobblestone block.
      I’ll change the photo in the next few days.

      Did nothing worked? Or were there only problems with creating single structures?
      possible mistakes by you, that I can imagine:
      – plan aligned in the wrong direction
      – typing mistake in the command block
      – function not added to the world

  23. Anonymous says:

    It didn’t work. I tried many times and it still didn’t work.

    • NoJoTo says:

      Make sure you build the plan facing the positive x direction. If you don’t know which way that is, turn on coordinates. Then, walk in a straight line. Change your direction until the first number after the word ‘Position’ goes up. The way your now walking is positive x.

    • NoJoTo says:

      Also, don’t forget to put the command in a repeating command block. Make sure you power the command block with Redstone, like placing a Redstone block next to it.

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