Published on August 15, 2023 (Updated on February 07, 2024)

Treecapitator Mod (any axe)

A modScript that allows you to break all the logs of a tree in an instant.It works with any axe, even those from other Addons, also with trees from other Addons.Compatible with any Add-On/ModScript

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It works correctly again in Minecraft version 1.20.60

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please make it like this on ores
why not working
try creating a world and look for the experiment option and turn on the beta api's and boom congratulations
Also can we get a 1.20.30 update support for this. Its broken since we need a new update. Plus the treecapitator doesnt work on the other logs, like the wood block instead of log blocks. Can you make it that any axe treecapitates wood, and mushroom wood
This is the best and fastest treecapitator ever found on the mcpedl website, you should add a vein miner version of this where you can vein mine ores without having to sneak
this the best treecapitator addon by far, keep it up homie
Awesome sauce!!! My favourite addon maker made a new addon :) and its exactly what I need