Published on November 05, 2023 (Updated on January 15, 2024)

Trevor's Car GTA New U1.2.4 (Canis Bodhi)

Have you ever dreamed of being in Trevor's beautiful car? And Now with this addon you can travel through your maps in Trevor Phillips' car! The car has a well-designed interior and exterior. Animations of interaction with doors (even the rear ones) have also been created. 

 This addon is copyrighted, it is forbidden to publish on other sites

 Addon created by Atom44iks (Sander) team 

 Works without any experimental features! 

 A lot of versions support! 

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1.2.4 version

  • Fixed import issue
  • Improved details and textures
  • Fixed speed

If you found any issues, please write it in the comments!



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Hello My Friend, I'm Asking If You Can Make The Obey Tailgater. And Thank You For This Addon I Really Want It For A Long Time.