Trivial Tweaks [1.0.9]

Trivial Tweaks aims at improving many aspects of your Minecraft experience, such as making certain textures less obtrusive, making water easier to see in, and even improving your performance by reducing particles!

Features include:

  • Connected grass
  • Better stained glass
  • Doors and trapdoors are easier to see through
  • Clear water
  • Ore is outlined
  • Rain is more transparent and rain splashes are removed
  • No more annoying pumpkin outline when wearing a pumpkin
  • Shorter swords & bow charge indicators
  • Clear chat borders
  • Lowfire
  • Lower shields & totems
  • Numbered HUD
  • 50 types of unnecessary particles have been removed
  • And many more tweaks!

Remember to go to settings to select the features you want to use!

Outlined ores:

Connected grass:

Bow stages:



Clean redstone:

Numbered HUD:

Clean chat:

Clear underwater vision:

Changelog View more

[General update]:

-Added new crimson & warped door designs, now they can be seen through

-Made crimson trapdoor easier to see through (I didn't change the warped trapdoor design because I honestly really like the default look)

-Re-added potion particles as they're useful in PvP

Note: This version is "1.o.9" rather than "1.0.8" to keep it consistent with the version shown on mcpedl as a minor amendment I made to this submission not too long ago was counted as an entire update to the pack

[Dumb mistake on submission]:

-Forgot to update the featured image for 1.0.7 with one that actually shows "1.0.7" instead of "1.0.6". Sorry for any trouble!

[Nether patch + Bugfixes]:

-Nether particles have been removed

-Soul fire is also lower

-Nether gold ore & ancient debris are now outlined

-Netherite swords and axes are now shorter

-Temporarily removed my 64x glass design as there's a bug in 1.16 where it shows a bubble animation on 64x glass (oddly enough)

-Fixed a bug where lowfire was invisible on some devices

-Added an alternate version of the pack without clear water as a few people preferred the pack without it

[General update]:

-Clear underwater vision!

-Clear water surface

-Shorter shields & totems

-Unobtrusive scaffolding

-Optimized 2 more particles (honey/nectar)

-Improved lowfire, it will now be translucent when affecting player

-Cleaner redstone, signal strength should be easier to see now

-Fixed fox's wonky eyes :^)

-Made rain more translucent

-Withering hearts are now easier to see

-Cleaned up the bow charges a little

-It seems that a lot of people didn't realise that shorter swords and particle removal was optional, so i've made "optimizations_off" the default setting. You can still go back into settings to enable any features you want to use!

[General update]:

-Revamped connected grass (made it a lot cleaner, now it's basically like optifine grass)

-Adjusted glass texture

-Adjusted door/trapdoor textures

-Disabled honey block sliding particles

-Made fire even lower

-Added slime to each side of sticky pistons

-Added numbered hotbar

-Revamped still water and reverted to default water animation

-Removed that ugly block breaking animation (no idea why I thought it was a good idea)

-Adjusted sun and moon, the sun looks sharper and the moon looks more atmospheric now

-Added item textures for the new door textures

[Feedback update]:

-Added lowfire! (as requested by a few people)

-Shorter swords are now also optional (as some people said they preferred regular swords), if the option you select does not apply immediately, just restart your game. 

-Optimised 18 more types of particle

[General update]:

-Made swords even shorter

-Added colour indicators for bow charge stages (bows&crossbows)

-Chat and coordinates no longer have that translucent border, making them easier to see and less annoying (especially when you're in a server with a very active chat)

[General update]:

-Added shorter swords for PVP

-Improved certain textures like grass path and doors

-Made particle optimisations optional, you will now have a menu to enable/disable the particles i removed

-Added connected stained glass

-Regular glass is now 64x, which allows for much thinner edges for overall aesthetic

-The pack version system now matches that of mcpedl for general convenience (1.0.x)

-Cleaned up the feature list a bit

[Mushroom biome update]:

-Added connected mycelium textures

-Disabled unnecessary mycelium dust particles


Remember to disable adblock if you use the mediafire link!

If it fails to import, restart your game and try again. If it continues to fail, you might already have an older version of my pack installed. Just delete it and the import should work :)


Supported Minecraft versions

1.10 1.11 1.12 1.13 1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16 1.9



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183 Responses

4.64 / 5 (58 votes)
  1. Guest-1028581640 says:

    You should make the player burn blue whenever they go into soul fire. Also, what would I need to delete in the files for the flying nether biome particles to appear? Great resource pack all around too! 👍

  2. Guest-4952108236 says:

    Can you add transparent chests and inventory?

  3. Guest-7462991565 says:

    When using this I am unable to see whatever I’m holding (tried removing other texture pack but still stayed invisible)

  4. Guest-9915227321 says:

    Can you make an option to turn Optifine Grass OFF? Please :3

  5. Guest-2712161679 says:

    There is a bug with this pack when i play on mcpe. It shows number 9 on the button which is uses to open inventory. Please fix that.

  6. Guest-9735464931 says:

    Hey can you make each individual tweak into a separate pack? I would still want to keep the block breaking animation and potion effects

    • Guest-1298013336 says:

      Oh nevermind I forgot there was an optimization menu lol but really great pack keep it up!

  7. PrinceMJ says:

    DOPE texture pack dude you’re Awesome!!!

  8. Guest-1097342344 says:

    Hi, can you post the new version on the MCPE addons app? These links on mcpedl don’t seem to work for me, and I always get a bunch of errors when importing even with the older version deleted, but always work fine on the addons app. Please post it on that app, I really want to get the latest version installed, thanks!

    • Ochri says:

      Which “addons app” are you speaking of? The mobile version of MCPEDL?

      • Guest-5340481607 says:

        The one specifically named “Addons for Minecraft” by Kayen Works. Its icon is the half human half zombie face. You have posted on it before since thats where I originally got this resource pack.

  9. Guest-2659339039 says:

    I haven’t tried the texpack yet but I downloaded it now. Just one question, are the fishing particles disabled? Cuz I don’t want the fishing particles to be gone since I get most of my xp from fishing

  10. Guest-1768360535 says:

    Amazing pack! But I have 2 suggestions that I want. 1. Can you make a discord server for updates and all that? 2. Can you make a low fire texture pack just like this one? Because I wanna put on the astral client but I can’t cuz it will change the fire.

    • Ochri says:

      1. The development of this pack isn’t active enough for there to be a need for a discord server, you can just look at the changelog lol
      2. I don’t think I want to publish an entire pack just for 1-2 fire textures, you can always just copy the fire textures from my pack in textures/blocks to a new folder, make a simple manifest file and you’ve got yourself your own lowfire pack

  11. TonyH2005 says:

    Nice resource pack

  12. Guest-7958969165 says:

    Can you add invisible UI?

  13. Guest-1791955395 says:

    Can you fix the invisible fire issue, I would still like to have lowered fire but for me it is completely invisible so i cant see any indication when im on fire. otherwise its awesome!

    • Ochri says:

      Are you seeing this issue on 1.0.7? I believe I’ve already fixed this as the issue only really came up on 1.0.6

    • Guest-8074314093 says:

      Hey! Can you add potion effects? The reason why I’m asking this is because when in PvP like skywars when players have potion effects, you don’t know he they have a effect that buffs them. Also another reason is bedwars. If someone is invis and they are rushing you, you don’t even know they are there. Please add potion effects back or make another download where you can have potion effects back.

      • Ochri says:

        Not sure why I’ve never thought of this, but yea potion particles definitely would have a use in PvP. I’ll be sure to add them!

        • Guest-5901165492 says:

          Hey Ochri. When is the next update log I just want to know. Also what are some things you’re going to add for the next update log.

  14. xiaobo says:

    Can you authorize me to reprint the texture to the Minecraft China.What I need is business authorization.

  15. Guest-9736086508 says:

    Thank you so much, I was waiting for the update, I really have a bad time trying to find netherite

  16. Guest-7691851875 says:

    How can I enlarge the totem and the shield?

    • Ochri says:

      You can restore the shields original height by deleting “shield.geo.json” in /models/entity, and you can restore the original totem height by deleting the totem texture in /textures/items. I didn’t add the ability to remove them in the settings as I didn’t expect anyone to prefer shields and totems to be higher.

  17. Guest-9918639078 says:

    Thanks! I needed this 😀

  18. Guest-7613982016 says:

    I love this pack, but do you think you can make a copy where the grass, snow and mycelium are like vanilla? I don’t like the completely green block at all

    • Ochri says:

      I certainly can, though I’m not sure if I want to clutter the downloads section too much, I’ll consider it though. But for now you can just go into the packs folder, then textures/blocks and delete the grass textures. That’ll restore the grass to regular textures.

  19. Guest-8517504357 says:

    Um can you put back nether particles pls i love dis pack btw

  20. Guest-5426634714 says:

    This is a nice texture pack i win pvp all the time because of it. But theres a bug that fire is invisible (JUST THE FIRE NOT THE PARTICLE)

  21. blueboi08 says:

    its a good mod but i found a bug that you cant see fire hope this gets fixed

  22. Guest-9002088783 says:

    how do I remove the ore outline? I tried removing it from the textures/blocks on the files ap on ios but nothing happened.

    • kadvaru says:

      Chances are you were editing the mcpack rather than the folder that was actually imported into your game. Using your file explorer you need to find “com.mojang”, in there open “resource_packs”, and finally find trivial tweaks. Then just do the same thing you did before in textures/blocks and delete all the ore textures

  23. Guest-4456124618 says:

    I may be wrong but I think the clean chat removes my coordinates. I’m on mobile btw. I was wondering how to remove it.

    • kadvaru says:

      It doesn’t, all the clean chat does is removes the border behind your coordinates, not the coordinates in their entirety. Chances are you’re just playing on a world where the coordinates are disabled, go into the world settings and make sure they’re actually enabled. Also, are you using any new packs alongside TT? It might not be this pack at all that’s affecting your coordinates

  24. GabrielG392 says:

    Por favor quiero todas las partículas de vuelta y sin ores outlined plz

  25. Blue7S says:

    Absolutely amazing and finally I’ve found a good one
    Direct link as well! SICK

  26. CrazehIvan says:

    If possible can you add a dark theme to the pack?

  27. Guest-7113525580 says:

    Hi! Does this support bedrock version? Because it seems like it isn’t working for me it always says it fails.

    • Guest-3055914601 says:

      It is for bedrock

    • kadvaru says:

      This is for bedrock. Everything you’ll find on mcpedl is for bedrock lol. If it keeps failing to import then:

      1. Restart minecraft and try importing again
      2. Extract the .mcpack file with something like winrar (if you’re on mobile I think it’s just called “RAR”, it’s a file explorer), and manually copy the “trivial tweaks 1.0.6” folder to “games/com.mojang/resource_packs”

      • Guest-6346464433 says:

        I have another solution, I know this seems weird but if you’re running IOS 13 download the texture pack the go into files, the copy and paste it into Notes and the click on the link, then you should be presented a screen where it says you can preview it, don’t press preview, rather press the share icon and then press copy to Minecraft (you may have to scroll), I don’t know why it works but it does then import properly🙂👍

        • kadvaru says:

          Hey, would you mind if I suggested your method to anyone else in the future whose having issues importing this on iOS? I don’t own an iOS device so I can’t suggest any iOS specific methods, so yours is the only one I can go off of for now

      • Guest-1245146377 says:

        how do i change the sword length on bedrok

  28. Guest-8637151448 says:

    awesome, but how do i remove the underwater vision?

  29. Guest-2145646597 says:

    How can I remove clear water?

    • kadvaru says:

      there isn’t a toggle for that currently, so you’ll have to go to the texture packs folder using your file explorer and delete “biomes_client.json”. if enough people seem to not like the clear water, i’ll add a toggle for it in settings

      • Guest-2539396862 says:

        Thank you for me the water was almost invisible and hard to know if I was in or out of water.

  30. Guest-2096211301 says:

    U finally updated it
    I was waiting for u to update it

  31. Guest-3740871964 says:

    1.16 plssssssss

    5 stars

  32. Guest-4734930828 says:

    is there a way to disable the ore outline without disabling some other features?

    • kadvaru says:

      currently there isn’t as i didn’t want to clutter the settings too much, but if the outlines really bother you, you could just manually delete the ore outline textures.

      if you’re on pc: go to C:\Users\Your username\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.MinecraftUWP_randomcharacters\LocalState\games\com.mojang\resource_packs, find trivial tweaks and go into textures/blocks. there you will find ore outlines.

      if you’re on mobile: go to your file explorer, go to games/com.mojang/resource_packs/trivialtweaks. then once again go to textures/blocks and delete the ore textures.

      if you’re on console then sorry im not sure what the steps are for console as i dont play minecraft on one, but the steps will probably be quite similar.

  33. Guest-1592955532 says:

    why tf are the swords so short

  34. Guest-4412551999 says:

    Hi! Is there a way to use trapdoors sa shelves in bedrock? I saw a youtube video and they used trapdoors as shelves and placed pots on top. But cant seen to do it on bedrock. Please let me know if theres a way. Please. Thanks

    • Guest-1610848229 says:

      You can’t place pot on top of the trapdoors because that feature only in Java Edition(Sorry for my bad english)
      Note: include heads

  35. Guest-7807549719 says:

    Crossbow seems to be buggy and wrongly timed.

  36. Guest-1789052080 says:

    really nice just ticked off about no particles. it feels wrong.

  37. Guest-8186737262 says:

    How did you do the clean chat?

  38. Guest-9692415032 says:

    I think everything is great there’s no glitch or bugs and every just looks so much cleaner, nicer!!! Thank you for making this texture pack and I hope you continues updating it!! Peace.

  39. I don’t like the clean chat and other feauturs but its ok…

  40. Guest-1889384374 says:

    do you need experimental gameplay for it to work

  41. duarua says:

    Hello author, your work is great, I can be reproduced to the Chinese version of MC?Let more players experience excellent works.
    I’ll mark the authorized author.(͔▪̆ω▪̆) ͕

  42. I love fortnite says:

    Hey Kadvaru Do you have any plans to add Solid Slime And Solid honey ?? They look so cool in Java ( Vanilla Tweaks ) -Mr.X

  43. T09 says:

    Hola me gusta el pack está increíble pero me gustaría si puedes hacer que el escudo se vea más abajo ya q es bastante molesto ( no quitarlo )

  44. Kevin says:

    wow very gooooooood

  45. Ya Boi says:

    Do you think that it’d be possible to add invisible armor, I like to look at my skin

    • Espaghettio says:

      You can do that yourself by saving blank images in place of the files for the armor.

      • kadvaru says:

        exactly what espaghettio said, just get some basic image editing app and remove the textures from armor in textures/models/armor

        this pack aims at enhancing practicality, not visual appeal (besides some adjusted textures), which is why i haven’t even considered doing this and dont plan to

  46. Jack says:

    Can you change redstone texture to the stripe one so that it’s easier to see redstone dust.

  47. Xedrick says:

    some particles are gone

    • kadvaru says:

      exactly. have you read the feature list? some particles have been disabled, it’s a feature aimed at players with low end devices, but you can go into the pack settings and re-enable the particles.
      p.s: i’ve only disabled particles that are present for visual appeal and have no practical use.

      particles such as hearts and those green villager stars have been kept because they have a practical function

  48. Jake says:

    Really great pack, but with the transparent chat background, I find it hard to read it sometimes. Is there a way you could make it contrast the block behind it (much like the crosshair does) or the ability to toggle it?

  49. Plip-Plop says:

    Hey Nice Pack But Could You Make One Thats JUST the Breaking Animation?

  50. MLG.EXE says:

    Yo can you add shorter shields and/or Totems for use in off hand because currently they take up a lot of room

  51. JuanC17 playz says:

    Can you add an option to change the doors and trapdoors to default texture or without glass? I like this texture pack but please, I prefer more the doors and trapdoors that you can see trough with the default vanilla Minecraft texture.

  52. Shadowlord011 says:

    Can you make one with the better glass, grass sides being all grass, and connected iron, along with leather armor that when dyed is all one color? Please? If you make addons can you make one where ender dragons drop elytra?

    • kadvaru says:

      1. this pack already has better grass
      2. bedrock does not (currently) support proper connected textures, that is only a java feature atm (most connected textures are made to look as though they’re connected by making the textures work in a pattern)
      3. i will consider adding full leather armour colour, thanks for the suggestion 🙂
      4. no, i will not make the enderdragon drop an elytra. that simply spoils the point of finding an end ship, and this pack is meant for enhancing the minecraft experience, not making it easier.

  53. Dan says:

    Hi could you please please pleasseee just add a texture pack with the better grass all sides that’s all I want and all the other ones are outdated please for xbox/pe media fire please

  54. _rickname_ says:

    Great resource pack but why does the farmland not work? It’s in the files but not ingame

    • kadvaru says:

      i’ve done a bunch of testing with farmland textures, and it appears that “farmland_side” has been removed in 1.12.1 (idk how far back this goes), i’ve even checked vanilla textures and the texture has been removed from there as well

  55. Aiaun4519 says:

    I like the texture but the chest is invisible can you fix it?

    • Helper says:

      That is mcbe 1.14.0 to issue not the texture pack

    • kadvaru says:

      i think that may be the result of some other broken pack you’re using as i know for certain this texture pack doesnt cause any chest issues, in fact there are no modifications done to chests with trivial tweaks. try removing all your texture packs, then apply this one and see if the problem persists

  56. Droopy says:

    This looks fantastic however when I try to install it it doesn’t seem to show up. I’ve been downloading mods for a while however this one doesn’t work any help?

    • kadvaru says:

      don’t you usually install from the mcpack you downloaded? maybe check if you already have the pack in your resources and the import notification simply didnt show up

  57. BrUh says:

    I didn’t like the shirt swords in the first place, and now they are so small that they are barely the size of a flint and steel, they look silly. Please add a option to have swords, OR short swords

  58. Risky says:

    sorry but can you install it on 1.9?

    • kadvaru says:

      yea it should work on 1.9 as well. im reluctant to add 1.9 in the supported versions because i havent tried it on 1.9, but i see no reason why it shouldn’t. why not try it and lemme know if it works?

  59. Mahmoud says:

    Can you Explain from where that glass appeared i have just used only 6 blocks of wood explain iam so genius

  60. Grillzz says:

    This is just an awesome texture pack thank you for making this bro

  61. Alex says:

    The media fire link won’t work for me

  62. JencebJanx says:

    the glass isnt actually connected its a clear outlines -_- kadvaru you dont know dat also wats the shader you used in the screenshots or is it already in the pack?

  63. Leth says:

    Can you add lowfire?

  64. Anonymous says:

    Link caido

  65. Anonymous says:


  66. ItsCozy says:

    Hey dude, love your works! But, is there any way that i can removed that outlined ore? I’m kinda annoyed by that. Btw love this project, keep it up.👍

    • kadvaru says:

      the ore has outlines for being spotted easier, but if you dont like it just go to your resources folder and delete the custom textures from the “TrivialTwe” pack

  67. Octoboi says:

    OMG THIS IS SO GOOD, but can you add like a water animation like esbe but different animation so you dont get sued pls pls pls all the other water shaders suck they all look so bad

    • kadvaru says:

      this is only intended to change specific textures, not to change animations. i’d have to figure out how to make glsl/hlsl custom water. if you want that just use this pack with a shader.
      p.s: i dont think “all” the water shaders look bad. check out parallax shaders or ESBE, they have decent water

  68. Anonymous says:

    Link doesnt work on xbox

  69. UktraFireStudios says:

    The link does not work

  70. owo im not telling says:

    please make a 64×64 or 32×32 resolution of this i really love it but 16×16 is not my thing please please please please please

    • kadvaru says:

      I understand why you’d want a higher resolution version of this, but i just dont have the time or commitment to make my own x64 pack from scratch. this is just an edit of the vanilla textures, but if you really want to use x64 textures then you can replace the textures folder with a x64 pack of your choosing. many adjustments will still work regardless of textures

      • Paul Pare says:

        Yeh I understand the creator because i know how to create resource pack and making 64X64 is stressful considering that you need to update it everytime microsoft releases another version. I am a student and i dont really want to create resource pack but i know how to make ones.

      • Paul Pare says:

        Ask me if you want help in updating and improving this resource pack since i know on how to make but if not i guess okay.

        • kadvaru says:

          thanks for offering help with developing the pack. however, i dont need that. it originally started out as a bunch of specific tweaks for personal use, but i figured i had developed it enough to release it as a proper texture pack. as soon as i notice something that could be improved for better appearance or performance, i’ll be on it

  71. Deriux129 says:

    Emmm… Amigo tu texture pack esta impresionante pero, lo que no mese gusta a mi en lo personal son la puertas y trapillas…
    Si pudieras cambiarlo seria genial.

  72. MaloneZ says:

    bro lol

  73. Arya says:

    Is this vanilla tweak pe?

    • kadvaru says:

      this is a tweaked vanilla pack for bedrock edition (which is the same as PE)

      • dablu says:

        They’re talking about a resource pack called “Vanilla Tweaks” which is on Java Edition that changes small things (e.g. having slime on the side of sticky pistons) that you can find here:
        This pack is like that pack, but has different tweaks that are really creative. This is a great pack.

  74. Maxil89 says:

    Very good.

  75. ReyRex233 says:

    what is that shader i want to download
    But very good 🙂

  76. Casual_builder says:

    What’s the shaders used in the screenshots? Great pack either way!

  77. Chunky Boy says:

    10/10 texture pack, well, 5/5 but same thing.

  78. RapidestJarl635 says:

    Looks good hopefully works

  79. Ruwi says:

    Minecraft is a zombiepocalypse they say… now let’s have door have more glass!!

    Lulz if this was RLcraft those door wont last much XD

  80. CherokeeNative says:

    Why have the red when braking the blocks ?

  81. Anonymous says:

    nice but why the red on broking the blocks through ?

  82. Anonymous says:

    I really loved this

  83. FrenchFriSauce says:

    If there is some way for you to do so, could you make this texture pack work for Windows 10/Xbox One?
    This texture pack looks amazing, and I really want to try it outside of PE.

    • kadvaru says:

      This pack is for bedrock edition, meaning it supports all platforms (IOS/android/windows/xbox). in fact, i made it on windows 10 and am using it on windows 10 right now. maybe you’re just not sure how to install it? if so then just check out the installation guides underneath my post

  84. Dtalantov says:

    When downloaded its a .zip, not a .mcpack

    • kadvaru says:

      are you sure? i know for certain that i’ve uploaded an .mcpack and i even downloaded it just to check and it is indeed an mcpack. turn on file extensions and see what filetype it is

  85. Alexandre says:

    Great work, mate! I’m using this addon on Windows10 Edition and working really well!
    Thanks for your contribution!

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