True Survival - Zombie Apocalypse (V9.5 Our Biggest Update [Yet!])

How would you feel waking up in a world over run with the undead? When you walk through this world you will understand what it is like to live in a Zombie Apocalypse. Could you Survive?




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Version 9.5 True Survival - Zombie Apocalypse Update Log

The Sentry Gun can now be recovered when it is loaded, You will lose any Bullets are are attached though, so maybe still wait till it is empty. Sneak and interact to recover it.

A new sound effect has been added when you recover a Sentry Gun

A new sound effect has been added when you recover a Vortex Mixer

Ibuprofen will now stack to 64

Aspirin will now stack to 64

Steroids will now stack to 64

First aid bags will now stack to 32

Medical Kits will now stack to 16

All Gun Ammunition will now stack to 64

All throwables will now stack to 64

Iron Scraps have been removed, now when you smelt an Empty Can you will get an Iron Nugget

The Miners spawn rate has been lowered

A new Bus Stop structure has been added, you can find them in most Biomes quite commonly

The new Bus Stop Structure has a new block "The Trash Can" the trash can has a higher chance if getting Newspapers, but most of the time it will have a can of food inside and sometimes nothing at all.

Bread has changed, Now i know for most of you thats gonna hurt but it had to be done. Any Hay Bales found in the open for example in Villages will only give you Contaminated Wheat which crafts into Contaminated Bread, To be fair this is what you happen! Eating Contaminated Bread will give you some saturation but has a high chance to give you the Hunger Effect so best not to eat it, unless you are truly seriously hungry!

Good news though, any Wheat that is grown can still be made into normal bread so now you can't just loot Villages, you actually have to work for your Bread.

The Hazmat Helmet has been removed as it was to OP and messed with other features within the add-on

A new sound effect has been added to the First Aid Bag

A new sound effect has been added to the Medical Kit

First Aid Bags will now remove Poison as well as heal you

Medical Kits will now remove Poison as well as heal you

The slowness effect has been removed from the First Aid Bag

The slowness effect has been removed from the Medical Kit

The Ibuprofen will now only remove Poison not all effects

Healing Particles have been added to all Medical Gear

Action Titles have been added to all Medical Gear

Dirty Rags have been added you can get them by looting either a Zombie Corpse or a Zombie Skeleton

Use a Dirty Rag in water to clean it.

Clean Rags have been added, Use the Clean Rags to make a Splint for when you take fall damage

A Leg splint has been added, use these to heal your damaged legs after taking fall damage

Support Gun feature has been removed

-Hydration is here-

A new Hydration system has been added, so on top of feeding yourself and running for your life every other second you will have to keep an eye on your Hydration percentage to.

You will see your Hydration Level at the bottom of your screen when you sneak best being obviously 100%

Every 5 minutes that passes your Hydration level will drop 10%, this will not effect your gameplay until it reaches 10%.

At 10% your will get the nausea effect and you will have 2 and half minutes to hydrate yourself before you die.

A water canteen has been added that you can find in Food Storage Boxes this will be the one item you would want to have on you at all times.

You can fill it in any water source and you can take 3 drinks from it, which means your have 3 Full Hydrations in a full canteen.

When the Canteen is Empty you will need to re fill it by going into any water source.

Keep and eye on your Hydration levels as you do not want no water to be the death of you.

Fizzy Drinks like Coca Cola and Red Bull will not Hydrate you, Water will. Some may even dehydrate you!

All loot chests have been removed from structures as chests. from now on each chest has been replaced with quick breakable blocks:

Armory Chests > Armory Crates

Medical Chests > Medical Cabinet

Trade Chests > Suitcase

Food chests > Food Storage

All structures have been upgraded with the new loot system

Some Structures have been upgraded

The time it takes to break a rubbish bag has been reduced dramaticaly

Loot tables have been adjusted

Clothes for the Immune Humans can be found in Suitcases now

Carving Knife is now only craftable

Cleaver is now only craftable

When you drink a Canned Drink you will receive a Crushed Empty Can when finished, this can be smelted into Iron Nuggets

All Bicycles can now be recovered by Sneaking and interacting

The full range of PRIME Hydration drinks has been added, these Drink when found and used will give you back Full Hydration

Clean Rags can be found in Medical Cabinets

Proximity Mines have been fully upgraded to work a hell of a lot better then they have been, Now you will not have to place it and run in the hopes you do not get blown up.

Place the Prox Mine down and it will not be active, Sneak and interact with it to pull the pin, once the pin is pulled you will hear a beeping sound, this means you have 5 seconds before the Mine is active, once the trigger has raised the mine is fully active. Enjoy

Remote Bombs and Remote Detonators have been added into the add-on, they can be found in armory crates, place a remote bomb down where ever you like and use the remote detonator to activate it, these are the perfect item to mess with other players!

You can detonate any Remote Bombs from within a 64 block radius

The Remote Detonator can be recycled for Iron

The Sledge Hammer has been given a new model and paint job

Knuckle dusters were removed

All Melee weapons now have there own unique hitting sound effect rather then the generic metal hitting sounds

Fixed the bug where the Sentry Gun had no shooting sound effects

All Melee Weapons have had their code updated

The saucepan has been moved to the Rubbish Bags rather then the armory crates

A rusty pipe has been added as a melee weapon they can be found in rubbish bags

A new Motel Structure has been added, you can find it any biome and is classed as a difficult structure as it has zombie spawners inside

Metal Bat, Black Metal Bat, Sledge Hammer, and Crowbar can now only be found in rubbish Bags


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Everyone needs to remember to download the Structure Pack in order for the Structures to generate in your world
Cómo instalo las estructuras??
Creator, can you make a spawn of zombies a slightly less and a zombies a little bit weaker? Because i'm not have enough time to scavenge buildings for loot, and they, like, can kill me so quick, like i'm playing a singleplayer DayZ.
Too nice! Im have an suggestion: please make the all textures 16x16(Because its not Minecraft style)
Please can you add spas-12 shotgun cuz the DBS Shotgun was weird looking for a shotgun
can you make the broken leg last longer?? 30 seconds make no sense, like your legs broken, its not gonna magically heal, even just 5 minutes would make more sence.
Bro please make squid naturally spawn we cant craft 7.62 ammo without black dye. Please reply if i am missing something
Como vou criar o mapa com o mod meu mapa não renderizar fico flutuante e nenhum bloco carregar já tentei sair e entra no mapa dnv e mesmo assim não carrega só vejo o sol e a lua rodando em círculo
assalamualaikum bro can you add a helicopter?
Bro please change the ammo recipe of 7.62 or make squid be able to spawn naturally . Please brother
Can you make guns craftable and add new structures also make zombies eyes glow when it is dark
is there another way to get guns
mason flint (not my real name just a name i use to roleplay) January 19, 2023 at 11:26 pm
whatever happened to the lycan addon you had
Hey I was wondering if it’s possible to make them spawn less in the day it’ll still make the game harder but the only difference is that you can use day to collect materials and at night use your materials to defend and if it doesn’t work you have to wait till morning this would make night more scarier and more like the Java version
I hope that you will add a fat zombie, and it will explode when it approaches the player, and damage will occur in the area as the poison spreads
Creator can you please don't add the mob spawner in structure there's no end and i can't loot because of so many zombie and plss add the distance where the zombie spawn because when i kill all the zombie i see and i look if there's no zombie then when i collecting the material i need there's a zombie spawn in my back from 5 to 10 block and i change the difficulty to normal but it's to much worse because of skeleton creeper and the spawn of zombie nothing change.. plss notice this...
go into the settings of your world and theres an option called simulation distance