Published on April 25, 2021 (Updated on April 25, 2021)

Two Player Horse Riding

Sometimes we think that Mojang should make horses rideable by two players just like what they did on boats so it will be going to be easier for transportation. And now, you can now ride a horse with two players!

This addon makes horses rideable by two players. This is useful when you and your friend are going somewhere so you two will not be separated from each other and can only use one horse. It also helps you to save saddles when traveling.

You can now ride on the horse with your friend, or your sibling, etc. Enjoy!

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  • Updated the description of the Two Player Horse Riding addon in the MCPEDL.


  • Two Player Horse Riding.mcpack (209.43 KB)
  • Two Player Horse (209.43 KB)

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Don't forget the skeleton horse.
Whats up with the manifest.json ey?