UHC Function Addon

Ultra Hardcore is a custom game mode where the goal is for all players to defeat all the other players. This mode is mostly found on Java Edition servers, but now you can enjoy the game with your friends with this lightweight, easy-to-set-up addon!


Although there are many similar addons/server plugins for Bedrock Edition, most of these are quite complex to set up and is not customizable. Therefore, the goal of this addon is to become a vanilla Minecraft alternative that everyone can use. This add-on can be set up in seconds and does not require command blocks. There are also various settings allowing users to customize their game, including setting the game duration and changing world border size.

Get Started

This section will teach you how to start a game, step by step.

After you download and import the addon, go ahead a create a new world.

In the world options screen, navigate to “Behavior Packs” in the left-hand screen, and find UHC Function at your right-hand side. Click on “Activate” to apply the pack to your world.
After you apply it, you can then click on the cogwheel icon and choose the world border size for your game.

Then, navigate to Game at your left-hand side, and scroll down. Turn on Activate Cheats.

Then, click on Create and wait for the world to load.

Upon entering the world, open the chat menu, and type “/function UHC_setup”

You should now see the confirmation message. You can now change settings(refer to Customization) and ask all players to join. 

NOTE: You can let players join before you set up, but players will still be in survival mode.

After the players have joined, you may now start the game by opening your chat menu and executing “/function UHC_start”.

If you have done everything correctly so far, you should see the scoreboard showing the next event and all players should be spread around the arena. Good luck to all players!

Realms & BDS Installation guide

Realms and Bedrock Dedicated Server is supported, but highly not recommended.

Check out the articles for Minecraft Realms and BDS here.



This section will list all the available options in-game and how to change them.

To change a setting, open the chat menu and type “/function UHC_settings/SETTING/VALUE” where SETTING is the settings and VALUE is what you want to set it to. For example, to turn spectating off, type:

Settings can only be changed before you set up the game.

drop_gapple With this option off, apples will not turn into golden apples when they drop.

healing With this option off, players will not receive heals during the game.

spectating With this option off, players will not be able to spectate other players during the game.

scoreboard With this option off, the scoreboard will not be displayed in the game.

mode When it is set to Classic, the time will be extended to 60 minutes. When it is set to Arcade, the game will only last 20 minutes. Defaults to Arcade.

autosmelt With this option off, iron and gold will no longer be automatically smelted.

Support/Download link

If you do not know how to use the addon or have trouble downloading it, you can get the pack without in our Discord server. For glitches or bugs in the addon, head on over to the Github repository and open an issue.

Official website

Changelog View more

Possibly the last update.

  • Fixing Diamond rate
  • Trees drop normal golden apple
  • Bug fixes
  • Performance improvements


  • When the game ends, players are teleported to a thing in the sky which I cannot name
  • When players die, there is now lightning summoned at where the player died.
  • Spectators' inventories are now filled with barriers to prevent them from picking up items, dropped barriers are also cleared
  • More effect improvements
  • The world border size is now displayed in the scoreboard


  • You can now find more golden apples in the world
  • Mining iron now gives xp
  • You can now find gold and lapis underground


  • Having 0 xp will no longer kill you, as a new death detection system has been implemented
  • Mining iron will now give you xp
  • Cutclean now works on gold
  • Spectating for deathmatch is now fixed
  • Other major bug fixes and improvements


  • Autosmelt is now an option
  • Added a new help menu
  • Rewrote error messages
  • Starting 2 games in a world is now deprecated

Updated post with the latest beta thing

Updated documentation .

update post

delete link for old versions

add beta link and descriptioun

updated documentation.

m i n i m u m w o r d r e q u i r e m e n t 1 0


  • All mobs except for chicken, pig, cow and sheep will no longer spawn.
  • These 4 animals also now drop cooked meat only.
  • You can now once again find coal underground.
  • The spawn rate for all ores has been buffed.


  • Melee weapons are no longer enchanted in UHC Classic.
  • All entities(including items) now despawn during the game when the player leaves them for 20 seconds.
  • All entities are also removed in pre-game.


  • The action bar text in pre-game now displays correctly, with a new animation.
  • Spectate now works more dynamically, and actually works.
  • The default border size is now 512x. No more lagging on Minecraft Realms!
  • Fixing various other bugs.

Updated documentation to comply with the latest version.

If you wish to view the latest addon changelog(4.3), please click the dropdown box above here and select version 1.1.1.

UHC 4.3 Patch notes


  • Weapons and tools are now enchanted with sharpness and efficiency in-game.
  • All ores are now replaced with iron and diamond.
  • When mining iron, iron ingot will drop instead of iron ore.


  • The game now supports custom border size. Border still doesn't shrink in-game, it's just that you can make it bigger or smaller beforehand.


  • Fixing "Waiting for players" text displayed in the hotbar.
  • Fixing 1.16 compatibility
  • Fixing spreading players to work for 1.16

Don't forget to join our Discord server for updates!

4.2.0 changelog

NOTE: As I am unable to run any tests, this version might contain glitches and stuff that makes the game stop working. If you are not afraid of that, go ahead and download! Else, please download the older versions.

-(Experimental) Added auto start, lets you start a game automatically without having to run UHC_start yourself

-Added spectate and gapple to settings

-Fixing a few glitches in spectator mode

-The waiting to start text now has some animation.

More info on how to use the newly added features can be found on the help site.

i forgot to add download

k e y s t r o k e


Yes, I finally added spectating.

  • Dead players or players who join after game start will enter spectate mode until the game ends.
  • The spectators' view will be locked to where the spectating player is looking at, in third person.
  • The spectating player is random.
    • It will change every 30 seconds.
    • The spectating player name is displayed on the bottom.
  • Spectators will have effects to prevent them from dying
    • Fire resistance to prevent them from getting on fire
    • Instant health to prevent them from dying
    • Invisibility for obvious reasons

Golden Apples

  •  When you pick up an apple, it becomes golden apple automatically.
  • If you somehow picked up an actual apple, drop it and a golden apple should appear in your inventory.


  • Option name change:
    • time => mode
      • long => classic
      • normal => arcade


  • Players no longer "die" when their level reaches 2 or more.
  • Disabled end portals and nether portals.
  • PvP should now enable correctly in classic mode.

you can now make the time one hour long which is like what they have in hypixel or somethin

3.1.2 hotfix

-Fixed a bug which causes the scoreboard to not display.

Update 3.1.1

Help menu Do "/function uhcHELP" to open the help menu.

Bug fixes Fixed some commands

HOTFIX: I forgot the manifest file bruh moment right there
Sorry about this stupid mistake I made

Patch notes 3.1.0

The last version adds a starter kit to the game, and this version brings you the new settings feature(still in beta).



-You can now have options before starting the game.

-Available Options: healing, scoreboard

-You can use "/function settings/[option]/[on/off]" to turn these features on and off.

Bug Fixes

-The scoreboard should now display properly.

Patch note 3.0

Starter Kits

- Added starter kit. You are given the leather armour set on start


- Now has 2 lines of hearts, just like in Hypixel


- It kind of looks like what they have in Hypixel now

- Deathmatch time will not display until PVP time ends


-Optimized the world border code

-Bug fixes

forgot exp gameplay

k e y s t r o k e


Supported Minecraft versions

1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16

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  1. Superidolninja64 says:

    i did /function UHC_setup then /function UHC_start and it wouldn’t start?

  2. Minerman99 says:

    So today I wanted to play a UHC with your pack with a group of friends with the latest update of this game. The problem with it was that it just didn’t start. I did the command “/function UHC_setup” and then “/function UHC_start,” and it just wouldn’t start. I would appreciate it if you could investigate the issue and tell me why this is happening. (Also, please add a “Deathmatch” mode and the other ores to your newest version.) Thank you.

  3. AceXMRealm says:

    I type /function UHC_settings/autosmelt/on but it says i am not the host how can fix this problem?

  4. WolfCheezy says:

    Sorry, I forgot to turn on experimental gameplay =( I’m very sorry ☹️.

  5. WolfCheezy says:

    It doesn’t work??? Why?

    • Hey, could you please provide details on:
      – What were you trying to do;
      – What were the expected results;
      – What were the actual results.
      There is a potential glitch where you are unable to start the game, simply execute the command a few more times.

  6. turkeymanyeet says:

    can you make it not enchant the sword because its too easy to get sharp 5 and you can not even get fire on the sword

  7. KingL says:

    Hi I seem to have an issue in importing the addon i keep getting this error (Provided ‘/header/uuid’ element is not a valid UUID in pack manifest .) . The version that im playing minecraft bedrock edition on is windows 10 and 1.16.2. Pls let me know how to fix this .

  8. Perxeus says:

    This is like the Uhc Run

    Thanks bro?

  9. ThePikaFan64 says:

    Good, But. Do Mobs Spawn?

  10. Superbashington says:

    There a glitch that if u combine your swords useing a anvil to create sharpness 4 it makes you lose the game saying the other person has won

  11. unuselessgamer says:

    Hello Add-on maker , i have some suggestion that would make this add-on perfect
    1-return gold ore
    2-trees drop apple only
    3-trees golden apple chance is none and has higher chance for normal apple
    4-add heads , as a custom item and can be made into golden apple like normal apple can

    Thats it , add these and ur addon will be the pefect java like uhc mode

  12. Dystrom says:

    I want to play the long version of uhc, but i put /function UHC_modules/events/long and then /function UHC_setup and finally /function UHC_start but the game is 20 minutes, long, why? and can you give me what´s the time of each part of the grace and pvp period long version and if in the game are “heads” after you kill someone or if there´s special crafts and what´s the arcade mode please i need it quickly becuase i´m going to host a game this sunday :(, thanks

  13. Owkiya says:

    Can I translate this thing into Chinese and make some adjustments to make Taiwanese people more used to it? I can give you the file.

    • Hi,
      Thank you for providing the opportunity for this to be translated, but coincidentally, I am also Chinese ?.
      I have thought about making a Chinese version of this addon, but the texts are in the function files instead of a separate .lang file. I am afraid that translating this will be too much work, but if you want to translate it into Chinese Traditional(I assume), no worries! Just please credit this original version.

  14. Guest-2260381578 says:

    Can u pls update this to 1.16

  15. Guest-4951057363 says:

    Does this work in 1.16?

  16. Guest-8763336432 says:


    Does this work on minecraft education edition?

    if so, why isnt it importing?

  17. Guest-2767526627 says:

    Is there any help site the skybird hopto one does not work

  18. Guest-5311526838 says:

    So does this add on have cut clean

  19. Guest-3513226293 says:

    This is what I’ve been looking for for a long time. But, I want the 512 by 512 border to be behind my realms border ( which is 1mil blocks from spawn) us there any way I can do this?

  20. Guest-7076553437 says:

    Hey could you please add a randomizer mode to this and add an option to be teleported into 0,0 and not into an arena?

  21. Anonymous says:

    This is a very nice function pack but can you please make the timer last longer like small game should be this timer medium game should be 10 mins till pvp 25 min till Deathmatch and long should be like a normal uhc game 75 mins long

  22. Guest-5181808228 says:

    huh all the download links are broken

  23. Guest-7411576309 says:

    When i drop apples, they become enchanted golden apples. Why?

  24. At the end we kept respawning but thats fine we just looked in the chat to see who won i would like the deathmatch to not be in a ring maybe add a setting can you also add more setting such as auto smelt and leaves drop golden apples (ik this is all possible in command blocks so it might work in functions)

  25. Guest-6389725790 says:

    Can this be used as a single player mode? Cause I want a survival mode that has UHC hearts if not is there another add on that I can use?

  26. Guest-6591625097 says:

    Um sooooo when i try to download it takes me to an adfly and i am not alowing them to send notifications but i want it really bad soo how?

  27. Guest-8675479863 says:

    Hi. what is shader being used in thumbnail and screenshots? please tell me Im really looking for a good looking W10 edition shader

  28. Guest-4656980160 says:

    How do i exit spectator mode

  29. Best function pack I’ve used!!! One major problem: in the deathmatch all player spawn in one spot, if you use the /spreadplayers (I think it’s called that) you can spread the players out inside the deathmatch arena. Right now the start of the deathmatch is very awkward. Another thing, you should add in supply crates and show the coordinates on each players screen, this would cause multiple players to go for it and start a PVP. Overall great function pack, DEFINITELY RECOMMEND!!!! 😀

  30. Zediax890 says:

    Dude your addon is AWESOME I was searching for this and you release it what a timing xD greate job this is super duper cool continue like that ?

  31. Guest-1198547207 says:

    Hi! i was wondering, this addon is great, but when entering deathmatch, can you make a cooler arena and make it so people spawn in different places, thanks!

  32. Guest-8967201756 says:

    Can you please add cut clean it’s like when you mine an iron ore you get iron and exp

  33. Guest-8944253664 says:

    /function UHC_start will not work for me… and you’re the only GOOD UHC addon I could find.
    I already did all the stuff before like using /function UHC_setup in the beggining before my friend joined but after testing it three times already, /function UHC_start, will just not work. I don’t know what the problem is and I play on Windows 10 Edition so hopefully you can find a way to resolve my issue, hope to get a response!

  34. KIRITO SAMA says:

    Can you give me the name of the shader pack placed with the description pictures?

  35. Guest-1880020804 says:

    I have a question. When’s I typed the function command, there was only function UHC start, UHC loop and UHC somethingloop. I couldn’t find UHC setup. What does it mean?

  36. FoxAW2468 says:

    I found a better one so umm can you plz make a texture pack about me

  37. FoxAW2468 says:

    Umm i keep on getting a stupid scam and i dont know how to get rid of it on my download could you do mediafire?

  38. Guest-2867712649 says:

    Can you update it for 1.12.60

  39. Guest-7713234981 says:

    Ya no sirve eso, al principió funcionaba, ahora ya no, lo arruinaron

  40. Guest-4145684322 says:

    Is the download fixed?

  41. Guest-6341409106 says:

    Hi bro, you forget your MC Manifest 🙂

  42. Guest-3738751070 says:

    What happens when i die irl

  43. Guest-6510716698 says:

    What happens to players when they die?

  44. Floshox says:

    Thanks a lot for credits, I will also download your Add-On, because it’s interesting ?

  45. Guest-1524987110 says:

    When I try to import it, it says can not import not a valid zip archive. Can you help me?

  46. Guest-8618744378 says:

    Love it man!

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    Deberías agregar crafteos para que sea más sencillo y no tener que esperar al horno y esas cosas que solo quitan tiempo

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