ULTIMATE Ores Texture Pack! (Updated!)

I know you have seen many ore border packs and stuff like that, but wait until you see this! This pack includes an option to change the textures of all the ores. It includes the new ores  and the original ores, with an option to use borders for both!

The 1.17 update has really messed up our Ore border packs, this pack allows you to finally have ore borders on deepslate ores. It gives the option switch it back to the originals! We've specifically designed it to fit all types of minecrafters and allow you to change it when desired. Here's a list of all the blocks we made borders for:

  • Ancient Debris!
  • Diamond Ore
  • Gold Ore
  • Nether Gold Ore!
  • Coal Ore
  • Emerald Ore
  • Quartz
  • Redstone
  • Iron
  • Lapiz
  • And obviously the deepslate versions of all of these




1.17 ores with border:


1.17 ores without border:


Original ores with border:


Original ores:

We made just plain original, so if you want to use another pack, but keep the new ores the same, you can use this pack.

NOTE: We didn't change ancient debris to look like the cinnamon roll on it's side, it's just a preview of the top. We wouldn't do that to you.

Select version for changelog:

  • Updated link to redirect to our new Gilded Bedrock website!
  • Added Discord Link


How to use:

Activate the pack under resources (Click on the pack under the resource packs tab and click activate).

Go to global resources or go to resource packs. Note: You can't do this while in a Minecraft world.

Click on "Complete Ores Pack!"

Next, click on the gear.

Adjust the slider to select which ore texture set you wish to use.

When done click on the X in the top right. Open the world and enjoy! To change it, repeat the last 4 steps.

Installation Instructions:

Click the Download Link. 

Then click "Free Access With Ads"

Next click "Discover Articles" 

Wait 10 Seconds 

Then click, the X in the top right. 

Then Click Continue! 

You can then download the addon! 

Please do not redistribute

You are allowed to use this in videos, servers, screenshots, and other public content as long as you credit us!! Thanks!


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can you update it so it also suport 1.18.04
hey i love this texture pack, but can you remove those 4 dots on each ore's corners, and also remove the outline on the ancient debris or at least change the color of it?
Deepstale ore variety as well?
We do not have the deepslate ore variant yet, but we will add it in a future update.