Published on September 15, 2023

Undertale Third Measurement

Undertale Project Mine is a recreation of the game Undertale in our favorite Minecraft game. In fact, this is Undertale but in Third Dimension. 

Let's celebrate Undertale 8th anniversary with that map!

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-Renaming a project from "Undertale Project Mine" to "Undertale Third Measurement"
-Location "Waterfall"
-Ruins remake
-HotLand Demo
-Locations OST
-Main menu
-Furniture replaced with mobs with custom models

-Bug fixes

-Block Battles Collab!


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Can U please update to 1.20.30 bc YOUR MAP IS INCREDIBLE AND PERFECT
You told me if i post it online you wont make any sequels.😈 I might do it.
Jk you said people wont be impressed and itll all be my fault so im not gonna do it.
OverwhelmedGiftedKid September 18, 2023 at 3:26 pm
it keeps crashing for me :( any suggestions?
idk, its an optimization problem

ill try to fix it later :p