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Simple PvP Blades Addon

Simple PvP Blades

This plugin adds 7 new simple swords to Minecraft, it is designed for pvp worlds. These swords can give you an advantage against hostile mobs, with ...
DropWings Add-On Addon

DropWings Add-On

This add-on will add wings to your Minecraft Pe, which can be manufactured in your survival world. There are 5 different ones: Angel, Double Angel, Demon, ...
Furnilla Add-on Addon

Furnilla Add-on

Tired of using furniture and decorations that are not compatible with your favorite texture pack? Well, Furnilla makes it possible! Adding new furniture, bathtubs, consoles, ...
H536 Addon Addon

H536 Addon

This add-on adds a sports and luxury convertible car , which is perfect for beach or city maps , the simple design can appeal to the most ...