Published on May 03, 2023

USF - A plugin based on the original GameTest.

This is a plugin based on the original GameTest framework.Unknown Server Framework (USF).You can use this plugin in Minecraft bedrock,realms and bds!(I am a Chinese so the plugin did not support English very well.Please leave some time to me.)

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USF 0.5.4 (B) update:Important events:

1. Open source plugin2. Renaming 'Logging System' to 'Advanced Functionality Backend System'

1. We have developed a new UI system, which is super powerful and highly efficient

2. Added support for multiple languages, supporting English/Chinese

3. Optimize some UI interfaces

4. Customized interface content supports multiple languagesUse language spacing symbol §s

5. Modify the content of some UI and move it to the bottom of the target interface(Automatically displayed when working mode is turned on)

Bug fix:

1. Fix bugs where announcements cannot be displayed

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